Mission & Objectives. The TOGA COARE DPC/DADC for Surface Meteorology is charged with quality controlling surface meteorology data recorded during the COARE Intensive Observing Period (IOP).

Surface Meteorology Data. Quality controlled surface meteorology data from COARE platforms are available. Included are data from land stations (e.g. ISS and PSS stations), research vessels, and moored and drifting buoys.

Flux Algorithm. Source code for the most current flux algorithm for Fortran and Matlab. Older versions are also available.
COARE-MET Reports. Reports include internal reports on data production and analysis, as well as published papers relevant to the COARE-MET mission.

QC Handbook. The COARE-MET Quality Control Handbook

Related Servers. There are a number of other Web sites which provide COARE data and/or information.

Staff. Many people worked on this project. Get a look at the faces that go along with the names.

Further information on COARE-Met Web pages can be obtained by mailing: coaremet@coaps.fsu.edu.

COARE-MET Flux Algorithm COARE-MET Reports Related Servers COARE Staff