ERS-1 Scatterometer Winds

These are winds from the ERS-1 scatterometer winds for the TOGA COARE LSA Domain (10S - 10N, 140E - 180). The winds provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the selected ambiguity from the Freilich and Dunbar model function (Freilich and Dunbar, 1993) are both provided. In general, the Freilich and Dunbar winds are better.

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README file for the ERS-1 data.

November 1992 data
December 1992 data
January 1993 data
Febuary 1993 data


Freilich, M.H. and R. S. Dunbar, 1993: A preliminary C-band scatterometer model function for the ERS-1 AMI instrument. "Proc. First ERS-1 Symp., Cannes, France, 4-6 Nov 92", ESA SP-359, 79-83.

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