COARE-Met Flux Algorithm

Fortran routines have been developed to calculate bulk fluxes for the COARE region. Files available through this page are those developed by the air-sea fluxes science group of the TOGA COARE project.

Many investigators have contributed to authoring the TOGA COARE algorithms for calculating momentum, heat, and moisture fluxes.

Version 2.5b now available! Last Update to Flux Routines: 15 Nov 1999
Fortran code was updated to reflect changes made after May 1997 Flux workshop in Boulder, CO

Bulk Flux algorithm documentation.

Fortran subroutine (v2.5b) to compute the bulk fluxes: coare2_5b.f.

Fortran subroutine (v2.5b) to compute the bulk fluxes in Matlab: bulk_mat_v25b.f.

Mex subroutine (v2.5b) to calculate fluxes and adjust met variables: bulk_mat_v25b_function.f.

Matlab function (v2.5b) calls the mex subroutine: bulk_v25b.m.

Test Input Data to compute the bulk fluxes: test2_5b.dat.

Test Output Results from the bulk algorithm corresponding to the Test Input Data: test2_5b.out.

An overview on the Version 2.0f bulk algorithm and required data inputs.

A report describing the Version 2.0f bulk flux routines is available (Postscript).

A description of the code to account for the cool skin effect in Version 2.0f (Postscript).

FORTRAN subroutine to calculate inertial dissipation fluxes from turbulence structure functions.

FORTRAN routines to calculate the albedo of sea water using two methods.

Older versions of the flux algorithm are available (v2c, v2d, v2e, v2f).

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