Kaiyo Bridge Data Quality Control Report

Daniel M. Gilmore and Shawn Smith

World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE)

Surface Meteorological Data Assembly Center
Center for Ocean Atmospheric Prediction Studies
The Florida State University

January 10, 1997

Report WOCEMET 97-1

Version 2.0


The data referenced in this report were collected from the Kaiyo (call sign: JRPG; data source: WHPO/M. Aoyama) standard bridge observations for 2 different WOCE cruises covering five hydrographic sections. The data were received by the Data Assembly Center (DAC) in electronic format and converted to a standard FSU format. They were then pre-processed using an automated data checking program. Next a visual check was completed by a Data Quality Evaluator who reviewed, modified and added appropriate quality control (QC) flags to the data. Details of the WOCE QC can be found in Smith et al. (1996). The data quality control report summarizes the flags for the Kaiyo Bridge Log data, including those added by both the pre-processor and the analyst.

Statistical Information:

The data set from the Kaiyo was expected to include observations taken every 3 hours from 2 cruises. The start and end dates, the number of records and values and the number and percentage of flags added is given in table 1.

Table 1: List of Dates and Number of Records for Each Cruise
Cruise: Dates Number of Records Number of Values Number of Flags Percentage Flagged
PR_23_ /04
PR_24_ /03
02/07/94 - 03/04/94 192 1344 0 0.00
PR_23_ /05
PR_24_ /04
01/14/95 - 01/24/95 77 770 0 0.00

Time (TIME), latitude (LAT), longitude (LON), earth relative wind direction (DIR), earth relative wind speed (SPD), atmospheric pressure (P), atmospheric temperature (T), sea temperature (TS), dew-point temperature (TD), and wet bulb temperature (TW) were quality controlled. A total of 2114 values were checked, with no flags added.


These data are in excellent condition. No flags were added by either the pre-screener or the analyst.

Final Comment:

These data are in outstanding condition, and the analyst foresees no problem using them.


Smith, S.R., C. Harvey, and D.M. Legler, 1996: Handbook of Quality Control Procedures and Methods for Surface Meteorology Data. WOCE Report No. 141/96, Report WOCEMET 96-1, Center for Ocean Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Florida St ate University, Tallahassee, FL 32310.