O'Brien, J. J., & Bourassa, M. A. (2000). Scatterometry at COAPS. In Proceedings of the Ocean Vector Wind Science Team Meeting, Arcadia, CA, USA.
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Bellow, J. G. (2006). El Niño-Southern Oscillation Effects and Forecasting Chill Unit Accumulation for Deciduous Fruit Crops in the Southeastern USA. In Southern Region American Society for Horticultural Science 66th Annual Meeting. Feb. 4-6, Orlando, Florida, United States.
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Henson, J. I., Muller-Karger, F., Wilson, D., Morey, S. L., Maul, G. A., Luther, M., et al. (2006). Strategic geographic positioning of sea level gauges to aid in early detection of tsunamis in the Intra-Americas Sea. Science of Tsunami Hazards, 25(3), 173–207.
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