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LaRow, T.E.; Stefanova, L.; Shin, D.-W.; Cocke, S. Seasonal Atlantic tropical cyclone hindcasting/forecasting using two sea surface temperature datasets 2010 Geophysical Research Letters 37
Cintra, R.; de Campos Velho, H.; Anochi, J.; Cocke, S. Data assimilation by artificial neural networks for the global FSU atmospheric model: Surface pressure 2015 Computational Intelligence (LA-CCI), 2015 Latin America Congress on
Cintro, R.; de Campos Velho, H.; Cocke, S. Tracking the model: Data assimilation by artificial neural network 2017 2016 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) 403-410
Shin, D.W.; Cocke, S.; Larow, T.E. Ensemble Configurations for Typhoon Precipitation Forecasts 2003 Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan 81 679-696
Williford, C. E.; Krishnamurti, T.N.; Torres, R.C.; Cocke, S.; Christidis, Z.; Vijaya Kumar, T.S. Real-Time Multimodel Superensemble Forecasts of Atlantic Tropical Systems of 1999 2003 Monthly Weather Review 131 1878-1894
Cocke, S. Case Study of Erin Using the FSU Nested Regional Spectral Model 1998 Monthly Weather Review 126 1337-1346
Cocke, S.; LaRow, T.E. Seasonal Predictions Using a Regional Spectral Model Embedded within a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model 2000 Monthly Weather Review 128 689-708
Krishnamurti, T.N.; Rajendran, K.; Vijaya Kumar, T.S.V.; Lord, S.; Toth, Z.; Zou, X.; Cocke, S.; Ahlquist, J.E.; Navon, I.M. Improved Skill for the Anomaly Correlation of Geopotential Heights at 500 hPa 2003 Monthly Weather Review 131 1082-1102
LaRow, T.E.; Lim, Y.-K.; Shin, D.W.; Chassignet, E.P.; Cocke, S. Atlantic Basin Seasonal Hurricane Simulations 2008 Journal of Climate 21 3191-3206
Shin, D.W.; Baigorria, G.A.; Lim, Y.-K.; Cocke, S.; LaRow, T.E.; O'Brien, J.J.; Jones, J.W. Assessing Maize and Peanut Yield Simulations with Various Seasonal Climate Data in the Southeastern United States 2010 Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 49 592-603

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