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Krishnamurti, T.N.; Kishtawal, C.; LaRow, T. E.; Bachiochi, D.; Zhang, Z.; Williford, C.; Gadgil, S.; Surendran, S. Improved Skill for Weather and Seasonal Climate Forecasts from Multi-Model Super Ensemble 1999 Science 285 1548-1550
LaRow, T. An analysis of tropical cyclones impacting the Southeast United States from a regional reanalysis 2013 Regional Environmental Change 13 35-43
LaRow, T. E., Y.-K. Lim, D. W. Shin, S. D. Cocke, and E. Chassignet High resolution ensemble west Atlantic basin seasonal hurricane simulations 2007 Research Activities in Atmospheric and Ocean Modeling 6-03
LaRow, T. E.; Cocke, S. Methods for Multi¬Model Proxies for Climate Studies 2004 CLIVAR Exchanges Newsletter
LaRow, T. E.; Cocke, S. D. Simulation of the 1997/98 and 1991/92 ENSO event using a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Regional Spectral Model 1999
LaRow, T. E.; Cocke, S.; Shin, D. W. Multi-convection as a multi-model proxy for seasonal climate studies 2003 CLIVAR Exchanges 28
LaRow, T.E. The Impact of SST Bias Correction on North Atlantic Hurricane Retrospective Forecasts 2013 Monthly Weather Review 141 490-498
LaRow, T.E.; Cocke, S.D.; Shin, D.W. Multiconvective Parameterizations as a Multimodel Proxy for Seasonal Climate Studies 2005 Journal of Climate 18 2963-2978
Larow, T.E.; Krishnamurti, T.N. Initial conditions and ENSO prediction using a coupled ocean-atmosphere model 1998 Tellus A 50 76-94
LaRow, T.E.; Lim, Y.-K.; Shin, D.W.; Chassignet, E.P.; Cocke, S. Atlantic Basin Seasonal Hurricane Simulations 2008 Journal of Climate 21 3191-3206

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