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Han, R.; Wang, H.; Hu, Z.-Z.; Kumar, A.; Li, W.; Long, L.N.; Schemm, J.-K.E.; Peng, P.; Wang, W.; Si, D.; Jia, X.; Zhao, M.; Vecchi, G.A.; LaRow, T.E.; Lim, Y.-K.; Schubert, S.D.; Camargo, S.J.; Henderson, N.; Jonas, J.A.; Walsh, K.J.E. An Assessment of Multimodel Simulations for the Variability of Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclones and Its Association with ENSO 2016 Journal of Climate 29 6401-6423
Kalnay, E.; Cai, M.; Nunez, M.; Lim, Y.-K. Impacts of urbanization and land surface changes on climate trends 2008 Urban Climate News 27 5-9
LaRow, T.E.; Lim, Y.-K.; Shin, D.W.; Chassignet, E.P.; Cocke, S. Atlantic Basin Seasonal Hurricane Simulations 2008 Journal of Climate 21 3191-3206
Lim, Y.-K. Applied meteorology in southeastern United States: Application to primary industry and prevention of hurricane damage 2008 Meteorological technology and policy 1 55-64
Lim, Y.-K., D. W. Shin, T. E. LaRow, and S. Cocke Categorical predictability of regionalized surface temperature and precipitation over the southeast United States 2007 Research Activities in Atmospheric and Ocean Modeling 7-11
Lim, Y.-K.; Cai, M.; Kalnay, E.; Zhou, L. Impact of Vegetation Types on Surface Temperature Change 2008 Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 47 411-424
Lim, Y.-K.; Cocke, S.; Shin, D.W.; Schoof, J.T.; LaRow, T.E.; O'Brien, J.J. Downscaling large-scale NCEP CFS to resolve fine-scale seasonal precipitation and extremes for the crop growing seasons over the southeastern United States 2010 Climate Dynamics 35 449-471
Lim, Y.-K.; Kim, K.-Y. ENSO Impact on the Space-Time Evolution of the Regional Asian Summer Monsoons 2007 Journal of Climate 20 2397-2415
Lim, Y.-K.; Kim, K.-Y. A New Perspective on the Climate Prediction of Asian Summer Monsoon Precipitation 2006 Journal of Climate 19 4840-4853
Lim, Y.-K.; LaRow, T. E.; O'Brien, J. J.; Shin, D. W. Statistical downscaling of the FSUGSM temperature over the southeast United States 2006 5-33

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