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Subrahmanyam, B.; Legler, D. M.; O'Brien, J. J. Response of the North Atlantic circulation with surface momentum forcing using SPEM Model 2000 9.13-9.14
Verzone, K. V.; Bourassa, M. A.; Bachiochi, D.; Cocke, S. D.; LaRow, T. E.; O'Brien, J. J. Double Ensemble Estimates of Precipitation in the Southeastern United States for Extreme ENSO Events 2000 6.23-6.24
O'Brien, J. J.; Bourassa, M. A. Scatterometry at COAPS 2000 Proceedings of the Ocean Vector Wind Science Team Meeting, Arcadia, CA, USA
Zamudio, L.; O'Brien, J. J.; Subrahmanyam, B. Tracking Coastally Generated Eddies in the East Tropical Pacific 2000
Morey, S. L.; Zavala-Hidalgo, J.; O'Brien, J. J. High-resolution ocean modeling of the Gulf of Mexico 2001
Sharp, R. J.; Bourassa, M. A.; O'Brien, J. J.; Katsaros, K. B.; Forde, E. B. Early detection of tropical cyclones using Sea Winds-derived vorticity for the 2001 hurricane season 2001 82 Fall meet. Suppl. Abstract OS31A-0388
Bourassa, M. A.; Smith, S. R.; O'Brien, J. J. A new FSU winds and flux climatology 2001 11th Conference on Iteractions of the Sea and Atmosphere, American Meteorological Society, San Diego, CA, USA 9-12
Bourassa, M. A.; Smith, S. R.; O'Brien, J. J. A new objective technique for the FSU winds 2001 WCRP/SCOR Workshop on Intercomparison and Validation of Ocean-Atmosphere Flux Fields, WMO, Washington, DC, USA 41-44
Smith, S. R.; O'Brien, J. J.; Patten, J. M. Regional snowfall distributions associated with ENSO 2001 Symposium on Climate Variations, the Oceans, and Societal Impacts, American Meteorological Society, Albuquerque, NM, USA 19-26
Bourassa, M. A.; O'Brien, J. J. High Temporal and Spatial Resolution Gridded Wind Fields from SeaWinds on QuikSCAT 2001

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