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Mask, A.C.; O'Brien, J.J.; Preller, R. Wind-driven effects on the Yellow Sea Warm Current 1998 Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 103 30713-30729
Melsom, A.; Meyers, S.D.; O'Brien, J.J.; Hurlburt, H.E.; Metzger, J.E. ENSO Effects on Gulf of Alaska Eddies 1999 Earth Interactions 3 1-30
Meyers, S. D.; Basu, S.; O'Brien, J. J. TOPEX/Poseidon altimetry captures cycles of the Indian Ocean 1998 International WOCE Newsletter 31 41-42
Meyers, S. D.; Basu, S.; O'Brien, J. J. Detection Of Eddies In The Eastern Gulf Of Alaska Using TOPEX/Poseidon Altimetry 1997 25
Meyers, S. D.; Melsom, A.; O'Brien, J. J. Ocean Variations the Eastern Gulf of Alaska Due to ENSO 1998 Workshop on Climate Change and Salmon Production
Meyers, S. D.; O'Brien, J. J. Tropically forced Rossby waves as a source of decadal variability in the Northeast Pacific Ocean 1997 Seventh AMS Conference on Climate Variations, Long Beach, CA, USA 92-96
Meyers, S.D.; Liu, M.; O'Brien, J.J.; Johnson, M.A.; Spiesberger, J.L. Interdecadal Variability in a Numerical Model of the Northeast Pacific Ocean: 1970-89 1996 Journal of Physical Oceanography 26 2635-2652
Meyers, S.D.; Melsom, A.; Mitchum, G.T.; O'Brien, J.J. Detection of the fast Kelvin wave teleconnection due to El Niño-Southern Oscillation 1998 Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 103 27655-27663
Meyers, S.D.; O'Brien, J.J. Pacific Ocean influences atmospheric carbon dioxide 1995 Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 76 533-533
Meyers, S.D.; O'Brien, J.J.; Thelin, E. Reconstruction of Monthly SST in the Tropical Pacific Ocean during 1868-1993Using Adaptive Climate Basis Functions 1999 Monthly Weather Review 127 1599-1612

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