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Smith, S.R.; Hughes, P.J.; Bourassa, M.A. A comparison of nine monthly air-sea flux products 2011 International Journal of Climatology 31 1002-1027
Woodruff, S.D.; Worley, S.J.; Lubker, S.J.; Ji, Z.; Eric Freeman, J.; Berry, D.I.; Brohan, P.; Kent, E.C.; Reynolds, R.W.; Smith, S.R.; Wilkinson, C. ICOADS Release 2.5: extensions and enhancements to the surface marine meteorological archive 2011 International Journal of Climatology 31 951-967
Arguez, A.; O'Brien, J.J.; Smith, S.R. Air temperature impacts over Eastern North America and Europe associated with low-frequency North Atlantic SST variability 2009 International Journal of Climatology 29 1-10
Smith, S.R.; Briggs, K.; Bourassa, M.A.; Elya, J.; Paver, C.R. Shipboard automated meteorological and oceanographic system data archive: 2005-2017 2018 Geoscience Data Journal 5 73-86
Smith, S.R.; Lopez, N.; Bourassa, M.A. SAMOS air-sea fluxes: 2005-2014 2016 Geoscience Data Journal 3 9-19
Smith, S. R.; Maue, R. N.; Bourassa, M. A. 'Global Winds', State of the Climate in 2007 2008 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 532-534
Legler, D. M.; Smith, S. R.; Stricherz, J. N. TOGA COARE IOP Surface Meteorology Archive [cdrom] 1996
Legler, D. M.; Smith, S. R.; Stricherz, J. N. WOCE Southern Hemisphere Surface Meteorology 1997 cdrom
Smith, S. R.; Green, P. M.; Leonardi, A. P.; O'Brien, J. J. The role of lower and upper tropospheric circulations in forcing ENSO winter precipitation anomalies 1998 9th Symposium on Global Change Studies, American Meteorological Society, Phoenix, AZ, USA 176-179
Smith, S.R., D.M. Legler, M.J. Remigio, J.J. O'Brien, and M. Jarvis Comparison of 1997-1998 U.S. Temperature and Precipitation to Climatological ENSO Warm Phase Conditions 1998 23rd Annual Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop, Miami, FL, USA 70-73

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