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Savage, A.C.; Arbic, B.K.; Richman, J.G.; Shriver, J.F.; Alford, M.H.; Buijsman, M.C.; Thomas Farrar, J.; Sharma, H.; Voet, G.; Wallcraft, A.J.; Zamudio, L. Frequency content of sea surface height variability from internal gravity waves to mesoscale eddies 2017 Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 122 2519-2538
Shinoda, T.; Han, W.; Zamudio, L.; Lien, R.-C.; Katsumata, M. Remote Ocean Response to the Madden-Julian Oscillation during the DYNAMO Field Campaign: Impact on Somali Current System and the Seychelles-Chagos Thermocline Ridge 2017 Atmosphere 8 171
Timko, P.G.; Arbic, B.K.; Hyder, P.; Richman, J.G.; Zamudio, L.; O'Dea, E.; Wallcraft, A.J.; Shriver, J.F. Assessment of shelf sea tides and tidal mixing fronts in a global ocean model 2019 Ocean Modelling 136 66-84
Trasviña, A.; Heywood, K.J.; Renner, A.H.H.; Thorpe, S.E.; Thompson, A.F.; Zamudio, L. The impact of high-frequency current variability on dispersion off the eastern Antarctic Peninsula 2011 Journal of Geophysical Research 116
Zamudio, L.; Hogan, P.; Metzger, E.J. Summer generation of the Southern Gulf of California eddy train 2008 Journal of Geophysical Research 113
Zamudio, L.; Hogan, P.J. Nesting the Gulf of Mexico in Atlantic HYCOM: Oceanographic processes generated by Hurricane Ivan 2008 Ocean Modelling 21 106-125
Zamudio, L.; Hurlburt, H.E.; Metzger, E.J.; Morey, S.L.; O'Brien, J.J.; Tilburg, C.; Zavala-Hidalgo, J. Interannual variability of Tehuantepec eddies 2006 Journal of Geophysical Research 111
Zamudio, L.; Hurlburt, H.E.; Metzger, E.J.; Smedstad, O.M. On the evolution of coastally trapped waves generated by Hurricane Juliette along the Mexican West Coast 2002 Geophysical Research Letters 29 56-1-56-4
Zamudio, L.; Hurlburt, H.E.; Metzger, E.J.; Tilburg, C.E. Tropical wave-induced oceanic eddies at Cabo Corrientes and the María Islands, Mexico 2007 Journal of Geophysical Research 112
Zamudio, L.; Leonardi, A.P.; Meyers, S.D.; O'Brien, J.J. ENSO and eddies on the southwest coast of Mexico 2001 Geophysical Research Letters 28 13-16

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