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Nguyen, T.-T.; Morey, S.L.; Dukhovskoy, D.S.; Chassignet, E.P. Nonlocal impacts of the Loop Current on cross-slope near-bottom flow in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico 2015 Geophysical Research Letters 42 2926-2933
Noska, R.; Misra, V. Characterizing the onset and demise of the Indian summer monsoon 2016 Geophysical Research Letters 43 4547-4554
Qian, C.; Fu, C.; Wu, Z.; Yan, Z. On the secular change of spring onset at Stockholm 2009 Geophysical Research Letters 36
Shin, D.W.; LaRow, T.E.; Cocke, S. Convective scheme and resolution impacts on seasonal precipitation forecasts 2003 Geophysical Research Letters 30
Shropshire, T.; Li, Y.; He, R. Storm impact on sea surface temperature and chlorophyll a in the Gulf of Mexico and Sargasso Sea based on daily cloud-free satellite data reconstructions 2016 Geophysical Research Letters 43 12,199-12,207
Stukel, M.R.; Barbeau, K.A. Investigating the Nutrient Landscape in a Coastal Upwelling Region and Its Relationship to the Biological Carbon Pump 2020 Geophysical Research Letters 47 e2020GL087351
Subrahmanyam, B.; Rao, K.H.; Srinivasa Rao, N.; Murty, V.S.N.; Sharp, R.J. Influence of a tropical cyclone on Chlorophyll-a Concentration in the Arabian Sea 2002 Geophysical Research Letters 29 22-1-22-4
Tilburg, C.E.; Subrahmanyam, B.; O'Brien, J.J. Ocean color variability in the Tasman Sea 2002 Geophysical Research Letters 29 125-1-125-4
Weijer, W.; Zharkov, V.; Nof, D.; Dijkstra, H.A.; de Ruijter, W.P.M.; van Scheltinga, A.T.; Wubs, F. Agulhas ring formation as a barotropic instability of the retroflection 2013 Geophysical Research Letters 40 5435-5438
Zamudio, L.; Hurlburt, H.E.; Metzger, E.J.; Smedstad, O.M. On the evolution of coastally trapped waves generated by Hurricane Juliette along the Mexican West Coast 2002 Geophysical Research Letters 29 56-1-56-4

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