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Ahern, K.; Bourassa, M.A.; Hart, R.E.; Zhang, J.A.; Rogers, R.F. Observed Kinematic and Thermodynamic Structure in the Hurricane Boundary Layer During Intensity Change 2019 Monthly Weather Review
Beaudoin, P.T.; Legler, D.M.; O'Brien, J.J. Information Content in the ERS-1 Three-Day Repeat Orbit Scatterometer Winds over the North Pacific from January through March 1992 1996 Monthly Weather Review 124 583-601
Caron, J.M.; O'Brien, J.J. The Generation of Synthetic Sea Surface Temperature Data for the Equatorial Pacific Ocean 1998 Monthly Weather Review 126 2809-2821
Chan, S.C.; Misra, V. A Diagnosis of the 1979-2005 Extreme Rainfall Events in the Southeastern United States with Isentropic Moisture Tracing 2010 Monthly Weather Review 138 1172-1185
Chen, B.; Smith, S.R.; Bromwich, D.H. Evolution of the Tropospheric Split Jet over the South Pacific Ocean during the 1986-89 ENSO Cycle 1996 Monthly Weather Review 124 1711-1731
Cocke, S. Case Study of Erin Using the FSU Nested Regional Spectral Model 1998 Monthly Weather Review 126 1337-1346
Cocke, S.; LaRow, T.E. Seasonal Predictions Using a Regional Spectral Model Embedded within a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model 2000 Monthly Weather Review 128 689-708
Hanley, D.; Molinari, J.; Keyser, D. A Composite Study of the Interactions between Tropical Cyclones and Upper-Tropospheric Troughs 2001 Monthly Weather Review 129 2570-2584
Hart, R.E.; Maue, R.N.; Watson, M.C. Estimating Local Memory of Tropical Cyclones through MPI Anomaly Evolution 2007 Monthly Weather Review 135 3990-4005
Holbach, H.M.; Bourassa, M.A. The Effects of Gap-Wind-Induced Vorticity, the Monsoon Trough, and the ITCZ on East Pacific Tropical Cyclogenesis 2014 Monthly Weather Review 142 1312-1325

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