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Nakano, H.; Suginohara, N. Effects of Bottom Boundary Layer Parameterization on Reproducing Deep and Bottom Waters in a World Ocean Model 2002 Journal of Physical Oceanography 32 1209-1227
Nof, D.; Jia, Y.; Chassignet, E.; Bozec, A. Fast Wind-Induced Migration of Leddies in the South China Sea 2011 Journal of Physical Oceanography 41 1683-1693
Nof, D.; Zharkov, V.; Arruda, W.; Pichevin, T.; Van Gorder, S.; Paldor, N. Comments on “On the Steadiness of Separating Meandering Currents” 2012 Journal of Physical Oceanography 42 1366-1370
Penduff, T.; Barnier, B.; Dewar, W.K.; O'Brien, J.J. Dynamical Response of the Oceanic Eddy Field to the North Atlantic Oscillation: A Model-Data Comparison 2004 Journal of Physical Oceanography 34 2615-2629
Penduff, T.; Barnier, B.; Kerbiriou, M.-A.; Verron, J. How Topographic Smoothing Contributes to Differences between the Eddy Flows Simulated by Sigma- and Geopotential-Coordinate Models 2002 Journal of Physical Oceanography 32 122-137
Skiba, A.W.; Zeng, L.; Arbic, B.K.; Müller, M.; Godwin, W.J. On the Resonance and Shelf/Open-Ocean Coupling of the Global Diurnal Tides 2013 Journal of Physical Oceanography 43 1301-1324
Steffen, J.; Bourassa, M. Barrier Layer Development Local to Tropical Cyclones based on Argo Float Observations 2018 Journal of Physical Oceanography 48 1951-1968
Stukel, M. R.; Song, H.; Goericke, R.; Miller, A.J. The role of subduction and gravitational sinking in particle export, carbon sequestration, and the remineralization length scale in the California Current Ecosystem 2018 Limnology and Oceanography 63 363-383
Stukel, M.R.; Biard, T.; Krause, J.W.; Ohman, M.D. Large Phaeodaria in the twilight zone: Their role in the carbon cycle 2018 Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography
Sturges, W.; Bozec, A. A Puzzling Disagreement between Observations and Numerical Models in the Central Gulf of Mexico 2013 Journal of Physical Oceanography 43 2673-2681

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