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Harris, R; Pollman, C; Landing, W; Morey, S; Dukhovskoy, D; Axelrad, D Development of a dynamic Mercury cycling model for the Gulf of Mexico 2010 Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74 A383-A383
Hart, R.E.; Maue, R.N.; Watson, M.C. Estimating Local Memory of Tropical Cyclones through MPI Anomaly Evolution 2007 Monthly Weather Review 135 3990-4005
Hasper, M.; Legler, D. M.; O'Brien, J. J. Investigating Lake-Atmosphere Mesoscale Interactions through Precipitation Patterns in the Tallahassee/Lake Jackson Vicinity 2000
Heath, N Determinig the Effects of Stokes Drift on the Movement of Oil in the Gulf of Mexico 2011
Henderson, T. Statistical analysis relating El Nino (El Viejo) events to monthly temperature and precipitation departures in the Pacific Northwest 1997
Henson, J. I.; Muller-Karger, F.; Wilson, D.; Morey, S. L.; Maul, G. A.; Luther, M.; Kranenburg, C. Strategic geographic positioning of sea level gauges to aid in early detection of tsunamis in the Intra-Americas Sea 2006 Science of Tsunami Hazards 25 173-207
Hernandez, F.; Bertino, L.; Brassington, G.; Chassignet, E.; Cummings, james; Davidson, F.; Drévillon, M.; Garric, G.; Kamachi, M.; Lellouche, J.-M.; Mahdon, R.; Martin, M.; Ratsimandresy, A.; Regnier, C. Validation and Intercomparison Studies Within GODAE 2009 Oceanography 22 128-143
Hiester, H.R.; Morey, S.L.; Dukhovskoy, D.S.; Chassignet, E.P.; Kourafalou, V.H.; Hu, C. A topological approach for quantitative comparisons of ocean model fields to satellite ocean color data 2016 Methods in Oceanography 17 232-250
Hiester, H.R.; Piggott, M.D.; Farrell, P.E.; Allison, P.A. Assessment of spurious mixing in adaptive mesh simulations of the two-dimensional lock-exchange 2014 Ocean Modelling 73 30-44
Hilburn, K. Development of scatterometer-derived research quality surface pressure fields for the Southern Ocean 2002

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