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Hughes, P. J. The Influence of Small-Scale Sea Surface Temperature Gradients on Surface Vector Winds and Subsequent Impacts on Oceanic Ekman Pumping 2014
Seitz, C. Estimating the Effects of Climate Change on Tropical Cyclone Activity 2014
Nedbor-Gross, R. Investigation of the Relationship Between the Yucatan Channel Transport and the Loop Current Area in a Multi-Decadal Numerical Simulation
Todd, Austin Circulation Dynamics and Larval Transport Mechanisms in the Florida Big Bend 2013
Paget, A. C. Important Contributing Factors for Estimating the Active and Total Whitecap Coverage Globally Using Satellite-Derived Parameters 2013
Duncan, J. B. Atmospheric Power-Law Behavior: A Look into Southeastern US Daily Temperature Extremes 2013
Arguez, A. Indexing, Mode Definition, and Signal Extraction in Climate Research: Analysis and Applications Involving the MJO, the AO, and ENSO 2005
Vickers, G. An Ingredients-Based Examination of U.S. Severe Tornado Alleys Using Reanalysis Data 2012
Feng, J. Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies: A Possible Trigger for ENSO 2012
Weihs, R Modeled Diurnally Varying Sea Surface Temperatures and Their Influence on Surface Heat Fluxes 2012

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