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Bove, M. C. A Comparison of GTS and CMAN Surface Meteorological Data Sets in the TOGA-COARE Region 1996
Arruda, W. Z. Eddies along western boundaries 2002
Leonardi, A. P. Interannual variability in the eastern subtropical Pacific Ocean 2000
Mask, A. An open boundary condition for layer to level ocean model interaction 2002
Mizoguchi, K Quasi-decadal variations in the North Atlantic 2001
Morey, S. L. The spring transition of thermal stratification on a mid-latitude continental shelf 1999
Nunez, R. H. A study of the ocean circulation off the coast of Chile 1996
Tilburg, C. E. Ocean dynamics around New Zealand 2000
Verschell, M. A. Interannual variability of atmospheric carbon dioxide flux in the equatorial Pacific Ocean 1996
Zamudio-Lopez, L Mesoscale variability along the southwest coast of Mexico induced by oceanic and atmospheric remote forcings 2001

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