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Tiscareno-Lopez, M., N. J. Rosenberg, D. M. Legler, A. R. Corral, R. Shrinivasan, R. A. Brown, G. G. Medina, M. A. V. Valle, and R. C. Izaurralde Algunos efectos del fenomeno climatico El Nino en la agricultura Mexicana 1998 Ciencia y Desarrollo 24 4-14
Smith, S. R.; Green, P. M.; Leonardi, A. P.; O'Brien, J. J. The role of lower and upper tropospheric circulations in forcing ENSO winter precipitation anomalies 1998 9th Symposium on Global Change Studies, American Meteorological Society, Phoenix, AZ, USA 176-179
Mariner, V. A. El Nino; Facts, Figures, Images and Predictions 1998 College & Research Libraries News 59 663-667
Meyers, S. D.; Melsom, A.; O'Brien, J. J. Ocean Variations the Eastern Gulf of Alaska Due to ENSO 1998 Workshop on Climate Change and Salmon Production
Bove, M. C.; O'Brien, J. J. Impacts of ENSO on United States Tornadic Activity 1998 The Ninth Symposium on Global Change Studies, 78th AMS Annual Meeting, Amer. Meteorol. Soc. 199-202
Bourassa, M. A.; O'Brien, J. J. Non-inertial flow in NSCAT observations of Tehuantepec winds 1998 Proceedings of the NSCAT/QuikSCAT Science Team Workshop, Kona, Hawaii, USA
Goodrick, S. L.; Bourassa, M. A.; Legler, D. M. Impact of Correcting Marine Wind Observations on Air-Sea Flux Fields in the North Atlantic 1998 CAS/JSC Working Group on Numerical Experimentation, Research Activities in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling, World Meteorological Organization 2.7-2.8
Legler, D. M.; Bourassa, M. A.; Rao, A. D.; O'Brien, J. J. NSCAT Surface Wind Fields Using Optimally Tuned Direct Minimization Techniques 1998 Ninth Conference on interaction of the Sea and Atmosphere, American Meteorological Society, Phoenix, AZ, USA 32-35
Legler, D. M. Impact of Adjusted TAO Winds on Florida State University (FSU) Tropical Pacific Wind Products 1998 170-173
Putnam, W. M.; Legler, D. M.; O'Brien, J. J. Variational Blending Of FSU Tropical Pacific Wind Product Into NCEP Reanalyses Fields 1998 131-134

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