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Cabrera, V.E., D. Solis, and D. Letson Optimal crop insurance under climate variability: contrasting insurer and farmer interests 2009 Transactions of the ASABE 52 623-631
Cabrera, V.E., D. Solis, G.A. Baigorria, and D. Letson Managing climate risks to agriculture: evidence from El Nino Southeast Climate Consortium Technical Report Series 14
Cammarano, D.; Basso, B.; Stefanova, L.; Grace, P. Adapting wheat sowing dates to projected climate change in the Australian subtropics: analysis of crop water use and yield 2012 Crop and Pasture Science 63 974
Cammarano, D.; Stefanova, L.; Ortiz, B.V.; Ramirez-Rodrigues, M.; Asseng, S.; Misra, V.; Wilkerson, G.; Basso, B.; Jones, J.W.; Boote, K.J.; DiNapoli, S. Evaluating the fidelity of downscaled climate data on simulated wheat and maize production in the southeastern US 2013 Regional Environmental Change 13 101-110
Cammarano, D.; Zierden, D.; Stefanova, L.; Asseng, S.; O'Brien, J.J.; Jones, J.W. Using historical climate observations to understand future climate change crop yield impacts in the Southeastern US 2016 Climatic Change 134 311-326
Campagnolo, M.L.; Sun, Q.; Liu, Y.; Schaaf, C.; Wang, Z.; Román, M.O. Estimating the effective spatial resolution of the operational BRDF, albedo, and nadir reflectance products from MODIS and VIIRS 2016 Remote Sensing of Environment 175 52-64
Caron, J. The generation of synthetic sea surface temperature date for the equatorial Pacific Ocean 1997
Caron, J.M.; O'Brien, J.J. The Generation of Synthetic Sea Surface Temperature Data for the Equatorial Pacific Ocean 1998 Monthly Weather Review 126 2809-2821
Carstens, J Tropical Cyclogenesis from Self-aggregated Convection in Numerical Simulations of Rotating Radiative-convective Equilibrium 2019 Dissertations & Theses
Carstens, J North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific Tropical Cyclone Intensity Comparison Using Integrated Kinetic Energy 2017

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