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Selman, C. Understanding the 21st Century Projection of the Wet Season over the Southeastern United States 2012
Holbach, H. The Effects of Gap-Wind-Induced Vorticity, the Monsoon Trough, and the ITCZ on Tropical Cyclogenesis 2012
Farmer, B Evaluation of Bulk Heat Fluxes from Atmospheric Datasets 2012
Collier, C. Effects of Sea State on Offshore Wind Resourcing in Florida 2012
Ford, K. M. Uncertainty in Scatterometer-Derived Vorticity 2008
Frumkin, A Predictability of Dry Season Reforecasts over the Tropical South American Region 2011
Goto, Y. Improved Vegetation Characterization and Freeze Statistics in a Regional Spectral Model for the Florida Citrus Farming Region 2008
Gouillon, F Internal Wave Propagation and Numerically Induced Diapycnal Mixing in Oceanic General Circulation Models 2010
Hite, M. M. Vorticity-Based Detection of Tropical Cyclogenesis 2006
Griffin, J Characterization of Errors in Various Moisture Roughness Length Parameterizations 2009

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