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Arguez, A. Indexing, Mode Definition, and Signal Extraction in Climate Research: Analysis and Applications Involving the MJO, the AO, and ENSO 2005
Arguez, A.; Bourassa, M.A.; O'Brien, J.J. Detection of the MJO Signal from QuikSCAT 2005 Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 22 1885-1894
Banks, R. F.; O'Brien, J. J.; Smith, S. R. Spatial and temporal variability of precipitation runs in the Southeast U.S. and their potential impact on agriculture 2005 15th AMS Conference on Applied Climatology, AMS, Savannah, GA, USA
Bellow, J. G. Climate Forecasts for Thermal Units Prediction: Chilling Accumulation and Winter Crop Development in Alabama, Florida and Georgia 2005 American Society of Agronomy meeting, Nov. 6-10, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Boisserie, M.; LaRow, T.; Cocke, S. D.; Shin, D. W. Comparison of Soil Moisture in the FSU Climate Model Coupled to a Land Model CLM2 to Soil Moisture from NCEP/DOE Reanalysis 2 2005
Bourassa, M.A.; Romero, R.; Smith, S.R.; O'Brien, J.J. A New FSU Winds Climatology 2005 Journal of Climate 18 3686-3698
Dukhovskoy, D. S.; Morey, S. L.; O'Brien, J. J. Topographic Rossby Waves in a Z-Level Ocean Model 2005 03.05-03.06
Dukhovskoy, D. S.; Morey, S. L.; O'Brien, J. J. Topographic Rossby waves in a z-level ocean model 2005 Eos Trans. AGU 86 Jt. Assem. Suppl., Abstract OS22A-06
Fraisse, C.; Bellow, J.; Breuer, N.; Cabrera, V.; Jones, J.; Ingram, K.; Hoogenboom, G.; Paz, J. Strategic Plan for the Southeast Climate Consortium Extension Program 2005 12
Kara, A.B.; Hurlburt, H.E.; Wallcraft, A.J.; Bourassa, M.A. Black Sea Mixed Layer Sensitivity to Various Wind and Thermal Forcing Products on Climatological Time Scales 2005 Journal of Climate 18 5266-5293

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