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Cammarano, D.; Basso, B.; Stefanova, L.; Grace, P. Adapting wheat sowing dates to projected climate change in the Australian subtropics: analysis of crop water use and yield 2012 Crop and Pasture Science 63 974
Chassignet, E.; Cenedese, E.; Verron, J. Buoyancy-Drivenn Flows 2012
Collier, C. Effects of Sea State on Offshore Wind Resourcing in Florida 2012
DiNapoli, S.M.; Misra, V. Reconstructing the 20th century high-resolution climate of the southeastern United States 2012 Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 117 n/a-n/a
DiNapoli, S.M.; Bourassa, M.A.; Powell, M.D. Uncertainty and Intercalibration Analysis of H*Wind 2012 Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 29 822-833
Farmer, B Evaluation of Bulk Heat Fluxes from Atmospheric Datasets 2012
Feng, J. Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies: A Possible Trigger for ENSO 2012
Godinez, H.C.; Reisner, J.M.; Fierro, A.O.; Guimond, S.R.; Kao, J. Determining Key Model Parameters of Rapidly Intensifying Hurricane Guillermo (1997) Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter 2012 Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 69 3147-3171
González-Rodríguez, E.; Trasviña-Castro, A.; Gaxiola-Castro, G.; Zamudio, L.; Cervantes-Duarte, R. Net primary productivity, upwelling and coastal currents in the Gulf of Ulloa, Baja California, México 2012 Ocean Science 8 703-711
Guimond, S.R.; Reisner, J.M. A Latent Heat Retrieval and Its Effects on the Intensity and Structure Change of Hurricane Guillermo (1997). Part II: Numerical Simulations 2012 Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 69 3128-3146

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