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SELECT author, title, year, publication, type, thesis, orig_record, serial FROM refs WHERE author RLIKE "Santer, B\\. D\\. and Mears, C\\. and Wentz, F\\. J\\. and Taylor, K\\. E\\. and Gleckler, P\\. J\\. and Wigley, T\\. M\\. L\\. and Barnett, T\\. P\\. and Boyle, J\\. S\\. and Bruggemann, W\\. and Gillett, N\\. P\\. and Klein, S\\. A\\. and Meehl, G\\. A\\. and Nozawa, T\\. and Pierce, D\\. W\\. and Stott, P\\. A\\. and Washington, W\\. M\\. and Wehner, M\\. F\\" ORDER BY author, year DESC, publication

caused the following error:
Error 1139 : Got error 'trailing backslash (\)' from regexp
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