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SELECT author, title, year, publication, type, thesis, orig_record, serial, file, url, doi, isbn, type FROM refs WHERE author RLIKE "Myneni, R\\. B\\. and Yang, W\\. Z\\. and Nemani, R\\. R\\. and Huete, A\\. R\\. and Dickinson, R\\. E\\. and Knyazikhin, Y\\. and Didan, K\\. and Fu, R\\. and Juarez, R\\. I\\. N\\. and Saatchi, S\\. S\\. and Hashimoto, H\\. and Ichii, K\\. and Shabanov, N\\. V\\. and Tan, B\\. and Ratana, P\\. and Privette, J\\. L\\. and Morisette, J\\. T\\. and Vermote, E\\. F\\. and Roy, D\\. P\\. and Wolfe, R\\. E\\. and Friedl, M\\. A\\. and Running, S\\. W\\. and Votava, P\\. and El-Saleous, N\\. and Devadiga, S\\. and Su, Y\\. and Salomonson, V\\. V\\" ORDER BY author, year DESC, publication

caused the following error:
Error 1139 : Got error 'trailing backslash (\)' from regexp
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