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Author (up) Andrieu, H. and French, M.N. and Thauvin, V. and Krajewski, W.F.
Title Adaptation and application of a quantitative rainfall forecasting model in a mountainous region Type Journal Article
Year 1996 Publication Journal of Hydrology Abbreviated Journal
Volume 184 Issue 38049 Pages 243-259
Keywords mountains , atmospheric precipitation , rainfall , hydrology , humidity , water vapor , radar methods , imagery , remote sensing , water balance , slope angle , mathematical models , prediction , Cevennes , drainage basins , calibration
Call Number Serial 6761
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Author (up) Magagi, RD and Kerr, YH
Title Retrieval of soil moisture and vegetation characteristics by use of ERS-1 wind scatterometer over arid and semi-arid areas Type Journal Article
Year 1997 Publication Journal Of Hydrology Abbreviated Journal
Volume 189 Issue 37989 Pages 361-384
Keywords Africa, Sahelian Zone | albedo | arid lands | model studies | optical properties | semiarid lands | soil water | vegetation
Call Number Serial 6762
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Author (up) Rawlins, MA, McDonald, KC, Frolking, S, Lammers, RB, Fahnestock, M, Kimball, JS, Vorosmarty, CJ
Title Remote sensing of snow thaw at the pan-Arctic scale using the SeaWinds scatterometer Type Journal Article
Year 2005 Publication JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY Abbreviated Journal
Volume 312 Issue 1-4 Pages 294-311
Keywords AIR-TEMPERATURE, SEA-ICE, RADAR, REANALYSIS, DISCHARGE, BOREAL, RUNOFF, SYSTEM, MODEL, snow, scatterometer, SeaWinds, runoff, pan-Arctic
Call Number Serial 5909
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