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Andersen, OB; Knudsen, P; Berry, P; Smith, R; Remy, F; Flament, T; Calmant, S; Cipollini, P; Laxon, S; Shephard, A; McAdoo, D; Scharroo, R; Smith, W; Sandwell, D; Schaeffer, P; Bamber, J; Shum, CK; Yi, Y; Benveniste, J New Views of Earth using ERS Satellite Altimetry 2013 ERS Missions: 20 Years of Observing Earth
Berry, PAM Topography from land radar altimeter data: Possibilities and restrictions 2000 PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH PART A-SOLID EARTH AND GEODESY
Berry, PAM, Garlick, JD, Freeman, JA, Mathers, EL Global inland water monitoring from multi-mission altimetry 2005 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS