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Fetterer, F and Gineris, D and Wackerman, CC Validating a scatterometer wind algorithm for ERS-1 SAR 1998 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
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Johannessen, JA; Chapron, B; Alpers, W; Collard, F; Cipollini, P; Liu, A; Horstmann, J; da Silva, JCB; Portabella, M; Robinson, IS; Holt, B; Wackerman, C; Vachon, P Satellite Oceanography from the ERS Synthetic Aperture Radar and Radar Altimeter: A Brief Review 2013 ERS Missions: 20 Years of Observing Earth
Shuchman, R.A. and Johannessen, O. and Sandven, S. and Ericson, E.A. and Pettersson, L. and Kloster, K. and Wackerman, C.C. and Onstott, R.G. Marginal ice zone signatures observed by the ERS-1 SAR during SIZEX '92 1993 International Geoscience and Remote Science Symposium : Better Understanding of Earth Environment (Cat. No.93CH3294-6)
Wackerman, CC and Rufenach, CL and Shuchman, RA and Johannessen, JA and Davidson, KL Vector retrieval using ERS-1 synthetic aperture radar imagery 1996 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING