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Liu, W.T., W. Tang, and X. Xie Wind power at sea as observed from space 2010 Wind Power details   Search Google Scholar
Brennan, MJ, Hennon, CC, Knabb, RD The Operational Use of QuikSCAT Ocean Surface Vector Winds at the National Hurricane Center 2009 Weather and Forecasting details  doi Search Google Scholar
Zapotocny,Tom H.,Jung,James A.,Le Marshall,John F.,Treadon,Russ E. A two-season impact study of four satellite data types and Rawinsonde data in the NCEP global data assimilation system 2008 Weather and Forecasting details  doi Search Google Scholar
Milliff, R.F. and P.A. Stamus QuikSCAT Impacts on Coastal Forecasts and Warnings: Operational Utility of Satellite Ocean Surface Vector Wind Data 2008 Weather and Forecasting details  doi Search Google Scholar
Reale, O., and R. Atlas Tropical Cyclone-Like Vortices in the Extratropics: Observational Evidence and Synoptic Analysis 2001 Weather and Forecasting details  doi Search Google Scholar
Pu, Z. X. and Li, X. L. and Velden, C. S. and Aberson, S. D. and Liu, W. T. The impact of aircraft dropsonde and satellite wind data on numerical simulations of two landfalling tropical storms during the tropical cloud systems and processes experiment 2008 WEATHER AND FORECASTING details  doi Search Google Scholar
Perrie, W. and Zhang, W. Q. and Bourassa, M. and Shen, H. and Vachon, P. W. Impact of satellite winds on marine wind simulations 2008 WEATHER AND FORECASTING details  doi Search Google Scholar
Hong, X., C. Bishop, T. Holt, and L. O'Neill Impact of sea surface temperature uncertainty on the western North Pacific subtropical high (WNPSH) and rainfall 2011 Weather and Forecasting details   Search Google Scholar
Koster, R.D.; Brocca, L.; Crow, W.T.; Burgin, M.S.; De Lannoy, G.J.M. Precipitation estimation using L-band and C-band soil moisture retrievals: Precipitation Estimation from Soil Moisture Retrievals 2016 Water Resources Research details  doi Search Google Scholar
Stockwell, R.G., W.G. Large, R.F. Milliff Resonant inertial oscillations in moored buoy ocean surface winds 2004 Tellus A details  doi Search Google Scholar
Tveter, FT Assimilating ambiguous QuikScat scatterometer observations in HIRLAM 3-D-Var at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute 2006 Tellus A details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wikle, CK; Milliff, RF; Herbei, R; Leeds, WB Modern Statistical Methods in Oceanography: A Hierarchical Perspective 2013 Statistical Science details  doi Search Google Scholar
Huang, XX, Huang, B, Li, HG A Fast Level Set Method for Synthetic Aperture Radar Ocean Image Segmentation 2009 Sensors details  doi Search Google Scholar
Sharma,Neha,D`Sa,Eurico Assessment and analysis of QuikSCAT vector wind products for the gulf of mexico: A long-term and hurricane analysis 2008 Sensors details   Search Google Scholar
D`Sa,Eurico J.,Ko,Dong S. Short-term influences on suspended particulate matter distribution in the northern Gulf of Mexico: Satellite and model observations 2008 Sensors details  doi Search Google Scholar
Li XiaoMing,Li XiaoFeng,He MingXia Coastal upwelling observed by multi-satellite sensors 2009 Science in China Series D-Earth Sciences details  doi Search Google Scholar
Fu, R. and Hu, L. and Gu, G. J. and Li, Y. D. A comparison study of summer-time synoptic-scale waves in South China and the Yangtze River basin using the TRMM Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis daily product 2008 SCIENCE IN CHINA SERIES D-EARTH SCIENCES details  doi Search Google Scholar
Xie, S.-P., W.T. Liu, Q. Liu and M. Nonaka Far-reaching effects of the Hawaiian Islands on the Pacific Ocean-atmosphere 2001 Science details  doi Search Google Scholar
Kelly, K. A. Wind data: a promise in peril 2004 Science details  doi Search Google Scholar
Chelton DB, Schlax MG, Freilich MH, Milliff RF Satellite measurements reveal persistent small-scale features in ocean winds 2004 Science details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wentz, F. J. and Ricciardulli, L. and Hilburn, K. and Mears, C. How much more rain will global warming bring? 2007 SCIENCE details  doi Search Google Scholar
T. Lee, J.T. Farrar, S. Arnault, D. Meyssignac, W. Han, and T. Durland Monitoring and interpreting the tropical oceans by satellite altimetry 2018 Satellite Altimetry Over Ocean and Land Surfaces details   Search Google Scholar
Schott, F.A., S.-P. Xie, and J.P. McCreary Indian Ocean circulation and climate variability 2009 Rev. Geophys. details  doi Search Google Scholar
Pimenta,Felipe,Kempton,Willett,Garvine,Richard Combining meteorological stations and satellite data to evaluate the offshore wind power resource of Southeastern Brazil 2008 Renewable Energy details  doi Search Google Scholar
Yueh, S; Fore, A; Tang, WQ; Hayashi, A; Stiles, B; Zhang, FQ; Weng, YH; Reul, N Applications of SMAP Data to Retrieval of Ocean Surface Wind and Salinity 2016 Remote Sensing of the Ocean, Sea Ice, Coastal Waters, and Large Water Regions 2016 details  doi Search Google Scholar
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