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Gao, ZQ, Wang, Q, Zhou, MY Wave-dependence of friction velocity, roughness length, and drag coefficient over coastal and open water surfaces by using three databases 2009 Advances in Atmospheric Science
Hamza, V and Babu, CA and Sabin, TP Characteristic study of the boundary layer parameters over the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal using the QuikSCAT dataset 2007 Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
Liu, QY, Jia, YL, Wang, XH, Yang, HJ On the annual cycle characteristics of the sea surface height in South China Sea 2001 ADVANCES IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES
Tao,Li,Fu,Xiouhua,Lu,Weisong Moisture structure of the quasi-biweekly mode revealed by AIRS in western Pacific 2009 Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
Zeng, ZH, Duan, YH, Liang, XD, Ma, LM, Chan, JCL The effect of three-dimensional variational data assimilation of QuikSCAT data on the numerical simulation of typhoon track and intensity 2005 ADVANCES IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES