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Ali, M.M., P.V.Nagamani, N. Sharma, R.T Venu Gopal, M. Rajeevan, G.J.Goni and M. A Bourassa Relationships Between Ocean Mean Temperatures and Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall 2015 Atmospheric Science Letters
Ali, M.M.; Nagamani, P.V.; Sharma, N.; Venu Gopal, R.T.; Rajeevan, M.; Goni, G.J.; Bourassa, M.A. Relationship between ocean mean temperatures and Indian summer monsoon rainfall: Ocean mean temperature and Indian summer monsoon rainfall 2015 Atmospheric Science Letters
Lin, J.-L.; Han, W.; Lin, X. Observational analysis of the wind-evaporation-SST feedback over the tropical Pacific Ocean 2008 Atmospheric Science Letters
Purna Chand, C.; Rao, M.V.; Ramana, I.V.; Ali, M.M.; Patoux, J.; Bourassa, M.A. Estimation of sea level pressure fields during Cyclone Nilam from Oceansat-2 scatterometer winds: Presssure fields from OSCAT 2014 Atmospheric Science Letters