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Bhattacharyya, R, Majumdar, TJ Bathymetry prediction over a part of the Bombay High in the western offshore using very high resolution satellite gravity data 2009 Current Science
Dwivedi, RM and Raman, M and Parab, S and Matondkar, SGP and Nayak, S Influence of northeasterly trade winds on intensity of winter bloom in the Northern Arabian Sea 2006 CURRENT SCIENCE
Majumdar, TJ and Krishna, KS and Chatterjee, S and Bhattacharya, R and Michael, L Study of high-resolution satellite geoid and gravity anomaly data over the Bay of Bengal 2006 CURRENT SCIENCE
Majumdar, TJ, Bhattacharyya, R Bathymetry prediction model from high-resolution satellite gravity as applied over a part of the eastern Indian offshore 2005 CURRENT SCIENCE
Majumdar, TJ, Mohanty, KK, Mishra, DC, Arora, K Gravity image generation over the Indian subcontinent using NGRI/EGM96 and ERS-1 altimeter data 2001 CURRENT SCIENCE
Rajesh, S, Majumdar, TJ Geoid generation and subsurface structure delineation under the Bay of Bengal, India using satellite altimeter data 2003 CURRENT SCIENCE