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Agarwal, N and Sharma, R and Basu, SK and Sarkar, A and Agarwal, VK Evaluation of relative performance of QuikSCAT and NCEP re-analysis winds through simulations by an OGCM 2007 Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers
Allain V, Kerandel JA, Andrefouet S, et al. Enhanced seamount location database for the western and central Pacific Ocean: Screening and cross-checking of 20 existing datasets 2008 Deep Sea Research I
Banzon, VF and Evans, RE and Gordon, HR and Chomko, RM SeaWiFS observations of the Arabian Sea southwest monsoon bloom for the year 2000 2004 Deep Sea Research
Matthews, D.; Powell, B.; Milliff, R. Dominant spatial variability scales from observations around the Hawaiian Islands 2011 Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers
Muller-Karger, F and Varela, R and Thunell, R and Astor, Y and Zhang, HY and Luerssen, R and Hu, CM Processes of coastal upwelling and carbon flux in the Cariaco Basin 2004 Deep Sea Research
Shirasawa, K, Eicken, H, Tateyama, K, Takatsuka, T, Kawamura, T Sea-ice-thickness variability in the Chukchi Sea, spring and summer 2002-2004 2009 Deep Sea Research Part II
Song, J. B. The effects of random surface waves on the steady Ekman current solutions 2009 Deep Sea Research Part I
Stuart, K. M., and D. G. Long Tracking large tabular icebergs using the SeaWinds Ku-band microwave scatterometer 2011 Deep Sea Research II
Uz, BM and Yoder, JA High frequency and mesoscale variability in SeaWiFS chlorophyll imagery and its relation to other remotely sensed oceanographic variables 2004 Deep Sea Research
Venables, HJ and Pollard, RT and Popova, EE Physical conditions controlling the development of a regular phytoplankton bloom north of the Crozet Plateau, Southern Ocean 2007 Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography