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Gagliardini, DA, Aliotta, S, Dogliotti, AI, Clemente-Colon, P Identification of bed forms through ERS SAR images in San Matias Gulf, Argentina 2005 JOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH
Huang, WG, Fu, B A spaceborne SAR technique for shallow water bathymetry surveys 2004 JOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH
Kumar, BP and Stone, GW Numerical simulation of typhoon wind forcing in the Korean seas using a spectral wave model 2007 Journal of Coastal Research
Rosario,R. P.,Bezerra,M. O.,Vinzon,S. B. Dynamics of the saline front in the northern channel of the Amazon River – influence of fluvial flow and tidal range (Brazil) 2009 Journal of Coastal Research
Savtchenko, A. and Tang, S. and Barber, R. and Wu, J. Air-sea interaction processes at light winds observed from a coastal tower 1999 Journal of Coastal Research
Yuce, H. and Alpar, B. Subtidal sea-level variations in the Sea of Marmara, their interactions with neighboring seas and relations to wind forcing 1997 Journal of Coastal Research