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Liu, W.T.; Xie, X. Premonsoon Drought in India Observed from Space 2017 Journal of Hydrometeorology
Davis,R. E.,Painter,T. H.,Cline,D.,Armstrong,R.,Haran,T.,McDonald,K.,Forster,R.,Elder,K. NASA Cold Land Processes Experiment (CLPX 2002/03): Spaceborne Remote Sensing 2008 Journal of Hydrometeorology
Rudiger, C, Calvet, JC, Gruhier, C, Holmes, TRH, de Jeu, RAM, Wagner, W An Intercomparison of ERS-Scat and AMSR-E Soil Moisture Observations with Model Simulations over France 2009 Journal of Hydrometeorology
Jones, AS, Vukicevic, T, Vonder Haar, TH A microwave satellite observational operator for variational data assimilation of soil moisture 2004 JOURNAL OF HYDROMETEOROLOGY