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Andersen, OB and Knudsen, P Multi-satellite ocean tide modelling – the K-1 constituent 1997 PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY
Chelton, D.B.; Schlax, M.G.; Samelson, R.M.; Farrar, J.T.; Molemaker, M.J.; McWilliams, J.C.; Gula, J. Prospects for future satellite estimation of small-scale variability of ocean surface velocity and vorticity 2019 Progress in Oceanography
Fewings, M.R.; Washburn, L.; Ohlmann, J.C. Coastal water circulation patterns around the Northern Channel Islands and Point Conception, California 2015 Progress in Oceanography
Hu, A. and Meehl, G. A. and Han, W. Q. Causes of a fresher, colder northern North Atlantic in late 20th century in a coupled model 2007 PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY
Kantha,Lakshmi,Rojsiraphisal,Thaned,Lopez,Joseph The North Indian Ocean circulation and its variability as seen in a numerical hindcast of the years 1993-2004 2008 Progress in Oceanography
Morrow,R.,Valladeau,G.,Sallee,J. B. Observed subsurface signature of Southern Ocean sea level rise 2008 Progress in Oceanography
Smith, AJE and Andersen, OB Errors in recent ocean tide models: possible origin and cause 1997 PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY
Strub, P.T.; James, C.; Montecino, V.; Rutllant, J.A.; Blanco, J.L. Ocean circulation along the southern Chile transition region (38°-46°S): Mean, seasonal and interannual variability, with a focus on 2014-2016 2019 Progress in Oceanography