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Adams, I. S., P. W. Gaiser, and W. L. Jones Simulation of the Stokes vector in inhomogeneous precipitation 2008 Radio Science
Bettenhausen, M.H.; Adams, I.S. The impact of passband characteristics on imaging microwave radiometer brightness temperatures over the ocean: IMPACT OF PASSBAND CHARACTERISTICS 2013 Radio Science
Boukabara, SA, Eymard, L, Guillou, C, Lemaire, D, Sobieski, P, Guissard, A Development of a modified two-scale electromagnetic model simulating both active and passive microwave measurements: Comparison to data remotely sensed over the ocean 2002 RADIO SCIENCE
Gerard, E and Eymard, L Remote sensing of integrated cloud liquid water: Development of algorithms and quality control 1998 RADIO SCIENCE
Moore, R. K., B. Natarajakumar, V. J. Kurisunkal, and D. Braaten Correlation of Sea-surface Temperature and Rain Height: A Study Relating to Correction of SeaWinds Scatterometer Data for Rain 2002 , XXVIIth General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI)
Moore, R. K., K. A. Soofi, and S. M. Purduski A Radar Clutter Model: Average Scattering Coefficients of Land, Snow and Ice 1979 National Radio Science Meeting
Weissman, D.E. and M.A. Bourassa Measurements of the Effect of Rain-Induced Sea Surface Roughness on the Satellite Scatterometer Radar Cross Section 2008 XXIX General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science