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Madden, R.A., T.J. Hoar, and R.F. Milliff Scatterometer winds composited according to the phase of tropical intraseasonal oscillations 1999 Tellus A
Stockwell, R.G., W.G. Large, R.F. Milliff Resonant inertial oscillations in moored buoy ocean surface winds 2004 Tellus A
Tveter, FT Assimilating ambiguous QuikScat scatterometer observations in HIRLAM 3-D-Var at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute 2006 Tellus A
Wang, L and Lau, KH and Fung, CH and Gan, JP The relative vorticity of ocean surface winds from the QuikSCAT satellite and its effects on the geneses of tropical cyclones in the South China Sea 2007 Tellus A