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Mayor, S.D. and Lenschow, D.H. and Schwiesow, R.L. and Mann, J. and Frush, C.L. and Simon, M.K. Validation of NCAR 10.6-mu m CO2 Doppler lidar radial velocity measurements and comparison with a 915-MHz profiler 1997 Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology details  doi Search Google Scholar
McAdoo, D and Laxon, S Antarctic tectonics: Constraints from an ERS-1 satellite marine gravity field 1997 SCIENCE details  doi Search Google Scholar
McCulloch, M.E. and Leach, H. Seasonal heat and freshwater budgets of the upper ocean in the north-east Atlantic 1997 Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society details  doi Search Google Scholar
McGill, M.J. and Skinner, W.R. and Irgang, T.D. Validation of wind profiles measured with incoherent Doppler lidar 1997 Applied Optics details  doi Search Google Scholar
McMurdie, LA and Claud, C and Atakturk, S. Satellite-derived atmospheric characteristics of spiral and comma-shaped southern hemisphere mesocyclones 1997 Journal Of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres details  doi Search Google Scholar
Mehta, A.V. and Smith, E.A. Variability of radiative cooling during the Asian summer monsoon and its influence on intraseasonal waves 1997 Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences details  doi Search Google Scholar
Migliaccio, M. and Colandrea, P. and Bartoloni, A. and D`Amelio, C. On a new relationship between radar cross section and wind speed using ERS-1 scatterometer data and ECMWF analysis data over the Mediterranean Sea 1997 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium : Remote Sensing – A Scientific Vision for Sustainable Development details  doi Search Google Scholar
Miller, RN and Busalacchi, AJ and Hackert, EC Applications of data assimilation to analysis of the ocean on large scales 1997 JOURNAL OF THE METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN details   Search Google Scholar
Mohanty, KK and Majumdar, TJ and Kunte, PD and Srivastava, AK Mapping of sea bottom topography over western offshore, India using TOPEX/ERS-1 altimeter data 1997 ACTA ASTRONAUTICA details  doi Search Google Scholar
Mougin, E. Monitoring seasonal vegetation dynamics in the Sahel with ERS wind scatterometer data 1997 ERS Symposium : Space at the service of our envi details  url Search Google Scholar
Nghiem, S.V. and Li, F.K. and Neumann, G. The Dependence of Ocean Backscatter at K-u-band on Oceanic and Atmospheric Parameters 1997 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing details  doi Search Google Scholar
Nghiem, SV and Martin, S and Perovich, DK and Kwok, R and Drucker, R and Gow, AJ A laboratory study of the effect of frost flowers on C band radar backscatter from sea ice 1997 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANS details  doi Search Google Scholar
Nielsen, N.W. An early-autumn polar low formation over the Norwegian Sea 1997 Journal Of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres details  doi Search Google Scholar
Noreus, JP and Nyborg, MR and Hayling, KL The gravity anomaly field in the Gulf of Bothnia spatially characterized from satellite altimetry and in situ measurements 1997 JOURNAL OF APPLIED GEOPHYSICS details  doi Search Google Scholar
Ottle, C and Outalha, S and Francois, C and LeMaguer, S Estimation of total atmospheric water vapor content from split-window radiance measurements 1997 REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT details  doi Search Google Scholar
Panaras, A.G. The effect of the structure of swept-shock-wave/turbulent-boundary-layer interactions on turbulence modelling 1997 Journal of Fluid Mechanics details  url Search Google Scholar
Perrie, W. and Toulany, B. Open ocean response of waves to turning winds 1997 Journal of Physical Oceanography details  doi Search Google Scholar
Poulos, S.E. and Drakopoulos, P.G. and Collins, M.B. Seasonal variability in sea surface oceanographic conditions in the Aegean Sea (Eastern Mediterranean): an overview 1997 Journal of Marine Systems details  doi Search Google Scholar
Prigent, C. and Phalippou, L. and English, S. Variational inversion of the SSM/I observations during the ASTEX campaign 1997 Journal of Applied Meterology details  doi Search Google Scholar
Puri, K., and G. A. Mills Initial state specification for mesoscale applications 1997 Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan details   Search Google Scholar
Qian, W.H. and Wang, S.W. Multiple time-space scale atmosphere-ocean interactions and improvement of Zebiak-Cane model 1997 Science in China Series D-Earth Sciences details  url Search Google Scholar
Quilfen, Y. High-resolution scatterometry in preparation for the Ascat instrument 1997 ERS Symposium : Space at the service of our envi details  url Search Google Scholar
Ramillien, G and Cazenave, A Global bathymetry derived from altimeter data of the ERS-1 Geodetic Mission 1997 JOURNAL OF GEODYNAMICS details  doi Search Google Scholar
Ramos, A. G. Satellite-derived scatterometer/ERS-1 wind stress sea-surface curl in the oceans 1997 ERS Symposium : Space at the service of our envi details  url Search Google Scholar
Rapp, RH and Yi, Y Role of ocean variability and dynamic ocean topography in the recovery of the mean sea surface and gravity anomalies from satellite altimeter data 1997 JOURNAL OF GEODESY details  doi Search Google Scholar
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