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Rocha, A. and Simmonds, I. Interannual variability of south-eastern African summer rainfall. Part 1: Relationships with air-sea interaction processes 1997 International Journal of Climatology details  doi Search Google Scholar
Burrage, M.D. and Skinner, W.R. and Hays, P.B. Intercalibration of HRDI and WINDII wind measurements 1997 Annales Geophysicae-Atmospheres Hydrospheres and Space Sciences details  url Search Google Scholar
Brandt, P and Rubino, A and Alpers, W and Backhaus, JO Internal waves in the strait of messina studied by a numerical model and synthetic aperture radar images from the ERS 1/2 satellites 1997 JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY details  doi Search Google Scholar
Hendon, H.H. and Glick, J. Intraseasonal air-sea interaction in the tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans 1997 Journal of Climate details  doi Search Google Scholar
Guo, Y. and Toh, J. and Zhang, Z. M. and Lin, I. I. Investigation of the North-East Monsoon Characteristics in the Region of South East Asia Using ERS Wind Scatterometer Data 1997 International Geoscience And Remote Sensing Symposium details  doi Search Google Scholar
Marshall, GJ and Turner, J Katabatic wind propagation over the western Ross Sea observed using ERS-1 scatterometer data 1997 Antarctic Science details  doi Search Google Scholar
Walker, N.P. Limitations on the possible resolution enhancement of ERS-1 scatterometer images 1997 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing details  doi Search Google Scholar
Rivin, I. and Tziperman, E. Linear versus self-sustained interdecadal thermohaline variability in a coupled box model 1997 Journal of Physical Oceanography details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wagner, C and Klokocnik, J and Cheney, R Making the connection between Geosat and TOPEX/Poseidon 1997 JOURNAL OF GEODESY details  doi Search Google Scholar
Mohanty, KK and Majumdar, TJ and Kunte, PD and Srivastava, AK Mapping of sea bottom topography over western offshore, India using TOPEX/ERS-1 altimeter data 1997 ACTA ASTRONAUTICA details  doi Search Google Scholar
Sandwell, DT and Smith, WHF Marine gravity anomaly from Geosat and ERS 1 satellite altimetry 1997 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH details  doi Search Google Scholar
Weissman, D. E., et al. Measurements of ocean surface stress using aircraft scatterometers 1997 Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology details  doi Search Google Scholar
Carrasco, J.F. and Bromwich, D.H. and Liu, Z. Mesoscale cyclone activity over Antarctica during 1991 .2. Near the Antarctic peninsula 1997 Journal Of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres details  doi Search Google Scholar
Beaven, SG and Gogineni, SP and Tjuatja, S and Fung, AK Model-based interpretation of ERS-1 SAR images of Arctic sea ice 1997 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING details  doi Search Google Scholar
Mougin, E. Monitoring seasonal vegetation dynamics in the Sahel with ERS wind scatterometer data 1997 ERS Symposium : Space at the service of our envi details  url Search Google Scholar
Schmullius, C. Monitoring Siberian Forests and Agriculture with the ERS-1 WindScatterometer 1997 IEEE Transactions On Geoscience And Remote Sensing details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wismann, V.R. and Boehnke, K. Monitoring snow properties on Greenland with ERS scatterometer and SAR 1997 ERS Symposium : Space at the service of our envi details  url Search Google Scholar
Andersen, OB and Knudsen, P Multi-satellite ocean tide modelling – the K-1 constituent 1997 PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY details  doi Search Google Scholar
Qian, W.H. and Wang, S.W. Multiple time-space scale atmosphere-ocean interactions and improvement of Zebiak-Cane model 1997 Science in China Series D-Earth Sciences details  url Search Google Scholar
Dunbar, R. S. NASA scatterometer high-resolution merged geophysical data product userís guide, Version 1.1 1997 details   Search Google Scholar
JPL NASA scatterometer ocean wind products CD-ROM user's manual, Version 1.0 1997 details   Search Google Scholar
JPL NASA scatterometer science data product user's manual, Version 1.1 1997 details   Search Google Scholar
Lee, C.M. and Eriksen, C.C. Near-inertial internal wave interactions with mesoscale fronts: Observations and models 1997 Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans details  doi Search Google Scholar
Jones, W.L. and Zec, J. and Rice, L. NSCAT geophysical algorithm for inferring hurricane ocean surface winds 1997 22nd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology details   Search Google Scholar
Frison, P.L. and Mougin, E. and Hiernaux, P. Observations and simulations of the ERS wind scatterometer response over a Sahelian region 1997 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium : Remote Sensing – A Scientific Vision for Sustainable Development details  doi Search Google Scholar
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