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Zierden, D.F., M.A. Bourassa, and J.J. O'Brien Cyclone Surface Pressures and Frontogenesis from NASA Scatterometer (NSCAT) Winds 1999 CAS/JSC Working Group on Numerical Experimentation, Research Activities in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling details   Search Google Scholar
Zheng, X.Y. and Eltahir, E.A.B. and Emanuel, K.A. A mechanism relating tropical Atlantic spring sea surface temperature and west African rainfall 1999 Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society details   Search Google Scholar
Zelli, C ENVISAT RA-2 advanced radar altimeter: Instrument design and pre-launch performance assessment review. 1999 ACTA ASTRONAUTICA details  doi Search Google Scholar
Zec, J. and Long, D. G. and Jones, W. L. NSCAT normalized radar backscattering coefficient biases using homogenous land targets 1999 Journal of Geophysical Research details  url Search Google Scholar
Wright, TJ and Parsons, BE and Jackson, JA and Haynes, M and Fielding, EJ and England, PC and Clarke, PJ Source parameters of the 1 October 1995 Dinar (Turkey) earthquake from SAR interferometry and seismic bodywave modelling 1999 EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS details  doi Search Google Scholar
Williams, RN and Rees, WG and Young, NW A technique for the identification and analysis of icebergs in synthetic aperture radar images of Antarctica 1999 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wikle, CK and Milliff, RF and Large, WG Surface wind variability on spatial scales from 1 to 1000 km observed during TOGA COARE 1999 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES details  doi Search Google Scholar
White, B.G. and Paegle, J. and Steenburgh, W.J. and Horel, J.D. and Swanson, R.T. and Cook, L.K. and Onton, D.J. and Miles, J.G. Short-term forecast validation of six models 1999 Weather and Forecasting details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wentz, F. J. and Smith, D. K. A model function for the ocean-normalized radar cross section at 14 GHz derived from NSCAT observations 1999 Journal of Geophysical Research details  doi Search Google Scholar
Weissman, D. E. and Graber, H. C. Satellite scatterometer studies of ocean surface stress and drag coefficients using a direct model 1999 Journal of Geophysical Research details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wang, W.Q. and Schlesinger, M.E. The dependence on convection parameterization of the tropical intraseasonal oscillation simulated by the UIUC 11-layer atmospheric GCM 1999 Journal of Climate details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wang, B. and Wang, Y.Q. Dynamics of the ITCZ-equatorial cold tongue complex and causes of the latitudinal climate asymmetry 1999 Journal of Climate details  doi Search Google Scholar
Waliser, D.E. and Jones, C. and Schemm, J.K.E. and Graham, N.E. A statistical extended-range tropical forecast model based on the slow evolution of the Madden-Julian oscillation 1999 Journal of Climate details  doi Search Google Scholar
Vinayachandran, P.N. and Saji, N.H. and Yamagata, T. Response of the Equatorial Indian Ocean to an unusual wind event during 1994 1999 Geophysical Research Letters details  doi Search Google Scholar
Vignudelli, S. and Gasparini, G.P. and Astraldi, M. and Schiano, M.E. A possible influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on the circulation of the Western Mediterranean Sea 1999 Geophysical Research Letters details  doi Search Google Scholar
Verschell, M. A. and Bourassa, M. A. and Weissman, D. E. and O'Brien, J. J. Ocean model validation of the NASA scatterometer winds 1999 Journal of Geophysical Research details  doi Search Google Scholar
Verron, J. and Gourdeau, L. and Pham, D.T. and Murtugudde, R. and Busalacchi, A.J. An extended Kalman filter to assimilate satellite altimeter data into a nonlinear numerical model of the tropical Pacific Ocean: Method and validation 1999 Journal of Geophysical Research details  doi Search Google Scholar
Vaughan, DG and Bamber, JL and Giovinetto, M and Russell, J and Cooper, APR Reassessment of net surface mass balance in Antarctica 1999 JOURNAL OF CLIMATE details  doi Search Google Scholar
Ufermann, S and Romeiser, R Numerical study on signatures of atmospheric convective cells in radar images of the ocean 1999 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANS details  doi Search Google Scholar
Tsai, W. and Graf, J.E. and Winn, C. and Huddleston, J.N. and Dunbar, S. and Freilich, M.H. and Wentz, F.J. and Long, D.G. and Jones, W.L. Postlaunch sensor verification and calibration of the NASA Scatterometer 1999 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing details  doi Search Google Scholar
Tournadre, J. Analysis of Mesoscale Variability of Oceanic Surface Wind Fields: Contribution of Active Microwave Sensors 1999 Proc. of IGARSS `99 details  doi Search Google Scholar
Toudal, L and Hansen, KQ and Valeur, H and Wadhams, P and Aldworth, E and Comiso, JC Mapping of ice in the Odden by satellite and airborne remote sensing 1999 DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART II-TOPICAL STUDIES IN OCEANOGRAPHY details  doi Search Google Scholar
Torricella, F and Cattani, E and Cervino, M and Guzzi, R and Levoni, C Retrieval of aerosol properties over the ocean using Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment measurements: Method and applications to test cases 1999 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES details  doi Search Google Scholar
Swift, CT Seasat scatterometer observations of sea ice 1999 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING details  doi Search Google Scholar
Stoffelen, A A simple method for calibration of a scatterometer over the ocean 1999 JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC TECHNOLOGY details  doi Search Google Scholar
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