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Karyampudi, V.M. and Palm, S.P. and Reagen, J.A. and Fang, H. and Grant, W.B. and Hoff, R.M. and Moulin, C. and Pierce, H.F. and Torres, O. and Browell, E.V. and Melfi, S.H. Validation of the Saharan dust plume conceptual model using lidar, Meteosat, and ECMWF data 1999 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society details  doi Search Google Scholar
Kelly, K. A. and Dickinson, S. and Yu, Z. NSCAT tropical wind stress maps: Implications for improving ocean modeling 1999 Journal of Geophysical Research details  doi Search Google Scholar
Klokocnik, J and Wagner, CA and Kostelecky, J Spectral accuracy of Jgm3 from satellite crossover altimetry 1999 JOURNAL OF GEODESY details  doi Search Google Scholar
Knudsen, P A global high resolution mean sea surface from multi mission satellite altimetry 1999 PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH PART A-SOLID EARTH AND GEODESY details  doi Search Google Scholar
Krogstad, HE and Barstow, SF Satellite wave measurements for coastal engineering applications 1999 COASTAL ENGINEERING details  doi Search Google Scholar
Kudryavtsev, V.N. and Makin, V.K. and Chapron, B. Coupled sea surface-atmosphere model. 2. Spectrum of short wind waves 1999 Journal of Geophysical Research details  doi Search Google Scholar
Kumar, R and Sarkar, A and Pandey, PC Estimation of ocean depths off Goa coast using ERS-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar 1999 CONTINENTAL SHELF RESEARCH details  doi Search Google Scholar
Kuo, YY and Leu, LG and Kao, IL Directional spectrum analysis and statistics obtained from ERS-1 SAR wave images 1999 OCEAN ENGINEERING details  doi Search Google Scholar
Kwok, R and Cunningham, GF and Yueh, S Area balance of the Arctic Ocean perennial ice zone: October 1996 to April 1997 1999 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANS details  doi Search Google Scholar
Large, W.G.G. and Gent, P.R. Validation of vertical mixing in an equatorial ocean model using large eddy simulations and observations 1999 Journal of Physical Oceanography details  doi Search Google Scholar
Le Traon, PY and Dibarboure, G Mesoscale mapping capabilities of multiple-satellite altimeter missions 1999 JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC TECHNOLOGY details  doi Search Google Scholar
Lee-Thorp, A.M. and Rouault, M. and Lutjeharms, J.R.E. Moisture uptake in the boundary layer above the Agulhas Current: A case study 1999 Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans details  doi Search Google Scholar
Lemaire, D. and Sobieski, P. and Guissard, A. Full-range sea surface spectrum in nonfully developed state for scattering calculations 1999 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing details  doi Search Google Scholar
Levy, G and Vickers, D Surface fluxes from satellite winds: Modeling air-sea flux enhancement from spatial and temporal observations 1999 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANS details  doi Search Google Scholar
Liu, A. K. and Zhao, Y. and Wu, S. Y. Arctic sea ice drift from wavelet analysis of NSCAT and special sensor microwave imager data 1999 Journal of Geophysical Research details  doi Search Google Scholar
Liu, K.S., Chan, J.C.L. Size of Tropical Cyclones as Inferred from ERS-1 and ERS-2 Data 1999 Monthly Weather Review details  doi Search Google Scholar
Long, DG and Drinkwater, MR Cryosphere applications of NSCAT data 1999 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING details  doi Search Google Scholar
Lythe, M and Hauser, A and Wendler, G Classification of sea ice types in the Ross Sea, Antarctica from SAR and AVHRR imagery 1999 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING details  doi Search Google Scholar
Madden, R.A., T.J. Hoar, and R.F. Milliff Scatterometer winds composited according to the phase of tropical intraseasonal oscillations 1999 Tellus A details  doi Search Google Scholar
Marshall, J. and Jamous, D. and Nilsson, J. Reconciling thermodynamic and dynamic methods of computation of water-mass transformation rates 1999 Deep-Sea Research Part A-Oceanographic Research Papers details  doi Search Google Scholar
Martinez-Diaz-De-Leon, A. and Robinson, I.S. and Ballestero, D. and Coen, E. Wind driven ocean circulation features in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico, revealed by combined SAR and SST satellite sensor data 1999 International Journal of Remote Sensing details  url Search Google Scholar
Massom, RA and Comiso, JC and Worby, AP and Lytle, VI and Stock, L Regional classes of sea ice cover in the East Antarctic pack observed from satellite and in situ data during a winter time period 1999 REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT details  doi Search Google Scholar
Matsuura, T. and Yumoto, M. and Iizuka, S. and Kawamura, R. Typhoon and ENSO simulation using a high-resolution coupled GCM 1999 Geophysical Research Letters details  doi Search Google Scholar
McDonagh, EL and Heywood, KJ The origin of an anomalous ring in the southeast Atlantic 1999 JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY details  doi Search Google Scholar
McPhee, M.G. and Kottmeier, C. and Morison, J.H. Ocean heat flux in the central Weddell Sea during winter 1999 Journal of Physical Oceanography details  doi Search Google Scholar
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