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Hoffman, R. N., S. M. Leidner, and J. Augenbaum SeaWinds scatterometer real-time BUFR geophysical data product userís guide, Version 1.0 1999 details  url Search Google Scholar
Moore, R. K., D. Chatterjee, and S. Taherion Algorithm for correcting spaceborne wind-vector scatterometers for rain attenuation 1999 26th General Assembly of URSI details   Search Google Scholar
Zelli, C ENVISAT RA-2 advanced radar altimeter: Instrument design and pre-launch performance assessment review. 1999 ACTA ASTRONAUTICA details  doi Search Google Scholar
Curiel, RAD and Jolly, G and Zheng, Y The GANDER constellation for maritime dissaster mitigation 1999 ACTA ASTRONAUTICA details  doi Search Google Scholar
Hughes, CW and Carnochan, SA Rossby wave propagation from satellite altimetry 1999 ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH details  doi Search Google Scholar
Dow, JM and Fadrique, FMM and Zandbergen, R High precision altimetry from the Envisat mission 1999 ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH details  doi Search Google Scholar
de Azevedo, E.B. and Pereira, L.S. and Itier, B. Modelling the local climate in island environments: water balance applications 1999 Agricultural Water Management details  doi Search Google Scholar
Josse, P. and Caniaux, G. and Giordani, H. and Planton, S. Intercomparison of oceanic and atmospheric forced and coupled mesoscale simulations – Part I: Surface fluxes 1999 Annales Geophysicae-Atmospheres Hydrospheres and Space Sciences details  url Search Google Scholar
Souprayen, C. and Garnier, A. and Hertzog, A. and Hauchecorne, A. and Porteneuve, J. Rayleigh-Mie Doppler wind lidar for atmospheric measurements. I. Instrumental setup, validation, and first climatological results 1999 Applied Optics details  doi Search Google Scholar
Jacka, KJ An impact study involving ERS-1 scatterometer wind data – implications for the `FROST` project 1999 AUSTRALIAN METEOROLOGICAL MAGAZINE details   Search Google Scholar
Berliner, L.M., C.K. Wikle and R.F. Milliff Multiresolution wavelet analyses in hierarchical Bayesian turbulence models 1999 Bayesian inference in wavelet-based models details   Search Google Scholar
Duijm, N.J. Estimates of roughness parameters for arrays of obstacles 1999 Boundary-Layer Meteorology details   Search Google Scholar
Renfrew, I.A. and Moore, G.W.K. and Holt, T.R. and Chang, S.W. and Guest, P. Mesoscale forecasting during a field program: Meteorological support of the Labrador Sea Deep Convection Experiment 1999 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society details  doi Search Google Scholar
Cionco, R.M. and Kampe, W.A. and Biltoft, C. and Byers, J.H. and Collins, C.G. and Higgs, T.J. and Hin, A.R.T. and Johansson, P.E. and Jones, C.D. and Jorgensen, H.E. and Kimber, J.F. and Mikkelsen, T. and Nyren, K. and Ride, D.J. and Robson, R. and Santabarbara, J.M. and Streicher, J. and Thykier-Nielsen, S. and Van Raden, H. and Weber, H. An Overview of MADONA: A Multinational Field Study of High-Resolution Meteorology and Diffusion Over Complex Terrain 1999 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society details  doi Search Google Scholar
Karyampudi, V.M. and Palm, S.P. and Reagen, J.A. and Fang, H. and Grant, W.B. and Hoff, R.M. and Moulin, C. and Pierce, H.F. and Torres, O. and Browell, E.V. and Melfi, S.H. Validation of the Saharan dust plume conceptual model using lidar, Meteosat, and ECMWF data 1999 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society details  doi Search Google Scholar
Zierden, D.F., M.A. Bourassa, and J.J. O'Brien Cyclone Surface Pressures and Frontogenesis from NASA Scatterometer (NSCAT) Winds 1999 CAS/JSC Working Group on Numerical Experimentation, Research Activities in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling details   Search Google Scholar
He, YJ A parametric method of retrieving ocean wave spectra from synthetic aperture radar images 1999 CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN details   Search Google Scholar
Faucher, M. and Burrows, W.R. and Pandolfo, L. Empirical-statistical reconstruction of surface marine winds along the western coast of Canada 1999 Climate Research details  doi Search Google Scholar
Krogstad, HE and Barstow, SF Satellite wave measurements for coastal engineering applications 1999 COASTAL ENGINEERING details  doi Search Google Scholar
Kumar, R and Sarkar, A and Pandey, PC Estimation of ocean depths off Goa coast using ERS-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar 1999 CONTINENTAL SHELF RESEARCH details  doi Search Google Scholar
Bisagni, J.J. Estimates of vertical heat flux and stratification from southern Georges Bank, model descriptions and results, Winter-Summer 1995 1999 Continental Shelf Research details  doi Search Google Scholar
Marshall, J. and Jamous, D. and Nilsson, J. Reconciling thermodynamic and dynamic methods of computation of water-mass transformation rates 1999 Deep-Sea Research Part A-Oceanographic Research Papers details  doi Search Google Scholar
Toudal, L and Hansen, KQ and Valeur, H and Wadhams, P and Aldworth, E and Comiso, JC Mapping of ice in the Odden by satellite and airborne remote sensing 1999 DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART II-TOPICAL STUDIES IN OCEANOGRAPHY details  doi Search Google Scholar
Gavart, M and De Mey, P and Caniaux, G Assimilation of satellite altimeter data in a primitive-equation model of the Azores-Madeira region 1999 DYNAMICS OF ATMOSPHERES AND OCEANS details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wright, TJ and Parsons, BE and Jackson, JA and Haynes, M and Fielding, EJ and England, PC and Clarke, PJ Source parameters of the 1 October 1995 Dinar (Turkey) earthquake from SAR interferometry and seismic bodywave modelling 1999 EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS details  doi Search Google Scholar
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