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Author Title Year Publication Type
Thebaud, L An atmospheric turbulent velocity spectrum for three dimensions 2004 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES
Sobrino, JA, Soria, G, Prata, AJ Surface temperature retrieval from Along Track Scanning Radiometer 2 data: Algorithms and validation 2004 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES
Yuan, XJ High-wind-speed evaluation in the Southern Ocean 2004 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES
Padman, L, Erofeeva, S A barotropic inverse tidal model for the Arctic Ocean 2004 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS
Zhao, ZX, Klemas, V, Zheng, QN, Yan, XH Remote sensing evidence for baroclinic tide origin of internal solitary waves in the northeastern South China Sea 2004 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS
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McNoldy, BD and Ciesielski, PE and Schubert, WH and Johnson, RH Surface winds, divergence, and vorticity in stratocumulus regions using QuikSCAT and reanalysis winds 2004 Geophysical Research Letters
Peliz, A, Santos, AMP, Oliveira, PB, Dubert, J Extreme cross-shelf transport induced by eddy interactions southwest of Iberia in winter 2001 2004 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS
Bordoni, S and Ciesielski, PE and Johnson, RH and McNoldy, BD and Stevens, B The low-level circulation of the north American monsoon as revealed by QuikSCAT 2004 Geophysical Research Letters
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Kuo, NJ, Ho, CR ENSO effect on the sea surface wind and sea surface temperature in the Taiwan Strait 2004 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS
Peng, G Validation of a global reanalysis model in representing synoptic-scale eddies using scatterometer data: A case study 2004 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS
Rignot, E, Casassa, G, Gogineni, P, Krabill, W, Rivera, A, Thomas, R Accelerated ice discharge from the Antarctic Peninsula following the collapse of Larsen B ice shelf 2004 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS
Syamsudin, F, Kaneko, A, Haidvogel, DB Numerical and observational estimates of Indian Ocean Kelvin wave intrusion into Lombok Strait 2004 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS