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Yuan,D.,Zhu,J.,Li,C.,Hu,D. Cross-shelf circulation in the Yellow and East China Seas indicated by MODIS satellite observations 2008 Journal of Marine Systems details  doi Search Google Scholar
Oza,S. R.,Panigrally,S.,Parihar,J. S. Concurrent use of active and passive microwave remote sensing data for monitoring of rice crop 2008 International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation details  doi Search Google Scholar
Dickey,Tommy D.,Nencioli,Francesco,Kuwahara,Victor S.,Leonard,Carrie,Black,Wil,Rii,Yoshimi M.,Bidigare,Robert R.,Zhang,Qin Physical and bio-optical observations of oceanic cyclones west of the island of Hawai`i 2008 Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography details  doi Search Google Scholar
Padin,X. A.,Castro,C. G.,Rios,A. F.,Perez,F. F. fCO sub(2) super(s) super(w) variability in the Bay of Biscay during ECO cruises 2008 Continental Shelf Research details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wang,L.,Lau,K. -H,Fung,C. -H,Zhang,Q. Features of Ocean Surface Winds Observed by the QuikSCAT Satellite Before Tropical Cyclogenesis over the South China Sea 2008 Journal of Ocean University of China details  doi Search Google Scholar
Aoki,Kunihiro,Kutsuwada,Kunio Verification of the wind-driven transport in the North Pacific subtropical gyre using gridded wind-stress products 2008 Journal of Oceanography details  doi Search Google Scholar
Xavier,V. F.,Chandrasekar,A.,Rahman,H.,Niyogi,D.,Alapaty,K. The effect of satellite and conventional meteorological data assimilation on the mesoscale modeling of monsoon depressions over India 2008 Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics details  doi Search Google Scholar
Chang,L. T. -C,Chen,G. T. -J,Cheung,K. K. W. Mesoscale simulation and moisture budget analyses of a heavy rain event over southern Taiwan in the Meiyu season 2008 Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics details  doi Search Google Scholar
Montroty,Remi,Rabier,Florence,Westrelin,Samuel,Faure,Ghislain,Viltard,Nicolas Impact of wind bogus and cloud- and rain-affected SSM/I data on tropical cyclone analyses and forecasts 2008 Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society details  doi Search Google Scholar
Xie,Xuetong,Fang,Yu,Chen,Kehai,Huang,Zhou,Chen,Bin Neural network-based model for retrieval of the ocean surface wind vector from SeaWinds scatterometer data 2008 Gaojishu Tongxin/Chinese High Technology Letters details   Search Google Scholar
Singer,Jeremy NOAA Chief Seeks International Sources for Hurricane Data 2008 Space News details   Search Google Scholar
Jeong,J. -Y,Shim,J. -S,Lee,D. -K,Min,I. -K,Kwon,J. -I Validation of QuikSCAT Wind with Resolution of 12.5 km in the Vicinity of Korean Peninsula 2008 Ocean and Polar Research details   Search Google Scholar
Sikora,T. D.,Dierking,C. F.,Winstead,N. S. Summary of the North Pacific Environmental Satellite Workshop for Coastal and Marine Applications 2008 National Weather Digest details   Search Google Scholar
Anonymous Ocean wind maps reveal possible energy sources 2008 Spaceflight details   Search Google Scholar
Xu,Q.,Lin,H.,Zheng,Q.,Xiu,P.,Cheng,Y.,Liu,Y. Evaluation of ENVISAT ASAR data for sea surface wind retrieval in Hong Kong coastal waters of China 2008 Acta Oceanologica Sinica/Haiyang Xuebao details   Search Google Scholar
Wu,Peiming,Yamanaka,Manabu D.,Matsumoto,Jun The Formation of Nocturnal Rainfall Offshore from Convection over Western Kalimantan (Borneo) Island 2008 Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan details   Search Google Scholar
Skourup,Henriette,Forsberg,Rene,Jolicoeur,Paul Geoid, sea level and vertical datum of the Arctic, improved by ICESat and GRACE--Geoide, niveau de la mer et systeme de reference altimetique de l`Arctique, ameliores par ICESat et GRACE 2008 Geomatica (Ottawa) details   Search Google Scholar
Sharma,Neha,D`Sa,Eurico Assessment and analysis of QuikSCAT vector wind products for the gulf of mexico: A long-term and hurricane analysis 2008 Sensors details   Search Google Scholar
Rao,Vadlamudi Brahmananda,Giarolla,Emanuel,do Espirito Santo,Clovis Monteiro,Franchito,Sergio Henrique Comparison of surface wind stress characteristics over the tropical Atlantic (10 degrees N-40 degrees S) in fields derived from the UWM/COADS, NCEP/NCAR and QuikSCAT datasets 2008 Journal of Oceanography details   Search Google Scholar
Longdill,P. C.,Healy,T. R.,Black,K. P. Transient wind-driven coastal upwelling on a shelf with varying width and orientation 2008 New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research details   Search Google Scholar
Luis,Alvarinho J.,Ravindra,Rasik QuikSCAT-based momentum flux analysis over the Southern Ocean 2008 Indian Journal of Marine Sciences details   Search Google Scholar
Chu,Peter C.,Cheng,Kuo-Feng South China Sea wave characteristics during Typhoon Muifa passage in winter 2004 2008 Journal of Oceanography details   Search Google Scholar
Bentamy,A.,Croize-Fillon,D.,Perigaud,C. Characterization of ASCAT measurements based on buoy and QuikSCAT wind vector observations 2008 Ocean Science details   Search Google Scholar
[Anon] Influence of circulation parameters on the AOD variations over the Bay of Bengal during ICARB 2008 Journal of Earth System Science details   Search Google Scholar
Hwang C, Hsu HY Shallow-water gravity anomalies from satellite altimetry: Case studies in the East China Sea and Taiwan Strait 2008 Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers details   Search Google Scholar
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