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Liu, J.-W., S.-P. Xie, J. Norris, and S. Zhang Low-level cloud response to the Gulf Stream front in winter using CALIPSO 2014 Journal of Climate details   Search Google Scholar
Meissner, T., F. J. Wentz, and L. Ricciardulli The Emission and Scattering of L-Band Microwave Radiation From Rough Ocean Surfaces and Wind Speed Measurements From the Aquarius Sensor 2014 Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans details   Search Google Scholar
Meissner, T; Wentz, F; Ricciardulli, L A geophysical model for the emission and scattering of L-band microwave radiation from rough ocean surfaces 2014 Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans details  url Search Google Scholar
Mortin, J.; Howell, S.E.L.; Wang, L.; Derksen, C.; Svensson, G.; Graversen, R.G.; Schrø der, T.M. Extending the QuikSCAT record of seasonal melt-freeze transitions over Arctic sea ice using ASCAT 2014 Remote Sensing of Environment details  doi Search Google Scholar
Nedbor-Gross, R., D. S. Dukhovskoy, M. A. Bourassa, S. L. Morey, E. P. Chassignet Investigation of the relationship between the Yucatan Channel transport and the Loop Current area in a multi-decadal numerical simulation 2014 MARINE TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY JOURNAL details   Search Google Scholar
Purna Chand, C.; Rao, M.V.; Ramana, I.V.; Ali, M.M.; Patoux, J.; Bourassa, M.A. Estimation of sea level pressure fields during Cyclone Nilam from Oceansat-2 scatterometer winds: Presssure fields from OSCAT 2014 Atmospheric Science Letters details  doi Search Google Scholar
Remund, Q.P.; Long, D.G. A Decade of QuikSCAT Scatterometer Sea Ice Extent Data 2014 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing details  doi Search Google Scholar
Steiner, N.; Tedesco, M. A wavelet melt detection algorithm applied to enhanced-resolution scatterometer data over Antarctica (2000-2009) 2014 The Cryosphere details  doi Search Google Scholar
Stiles, B.W.; Danielson, R.E.; Poulsen, W.L.; Brennan, M.J.; Hristova-Veleva, S.; Shen, T.-P.; Fore, A.G. Optimized Tropical Cyclone Winds From QuikSCAT: A Neural Network Approach 2014 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing details  doi Search Google Scholar
Ulaby, F; Long, D Microwave Radar and Radiometric Remote Sensing 2014 details  url Search Google Scholar
Valencia, E.; Zavorotny, V.U.; Akos, D.M.; Camps, A. Using DDM Asymmetry Metrics for Wind Direction Retrieval From GPS Ocean-Scattered Signals in Airborne Experiments 2014 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing details  doi Search Google Scholar
Vose, R.S.; Applequist, S.; Bourassa, M.A.; Pryor, S.C.; Barthelmie, R.J.; Blanton, B.; Bromirski, P.D.; Brooks, H.E.; DeGaetano, A.T.; Dole, R.M.; Easterling, D.R.; Jensen, R.E.; Karl, T.R.; Katz, R.W.; Klink, K.; Kruk, M.C.; Kunkel, K.E.; MacCracken, M.C.; Peterson, T.C.; Shein, K.; Thomas, B.R.; Walsh, J.E.; Wang, X.L.; Wehner, M.F.; Wuebbles, D.J.; Young, R.S. Monitoring and Understanding Changes in Extremes: Extratropical Storms, Winds, and Waves 2014 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wagner, W.; Brocca, L.; Naeimi, V.; Reichle, R.; Draper, C.; de Jeu, R.; Ryu, D.; Su, C.-H.; Western, A.; Calvet, J.-C.; Kerr, Y.H.; Leroux, D.J.; Drusch, M.; Jackson, T.J.; Hahn, S.; Dorigo, W.; Paulik, C. Clarifications on the “Comparison Between SMOS, VUA, ASCAT, and ECMWF Soil Moisture Products Over Four Watersheds in U.S.” 2014 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing details  doi Search Google Scholar
Wang, T.; Pan, D.; He, X.; Wang, D. Wind vector retrieval algorithm from spaceborne lidar data 2014 Acta Oceanologica Sinica details  doi Search Google Scholar
Weihs, R.R.; Bourassa, M.A. Modeled diurnally varying sea surface temperatures and their influence on surface heat fluxes 2014 Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans details  doi Search Google Scholar
Zheng, Y., R. Zhang, and M. A. Bourassa Impact of east Asian winter and Australian summer monsoons on the enhanced surface westerlies over the western tropical Pacific preceding the El Niño onset 2014 Journal of Climate details   Search Google Scholar
Zheng, Y.; Zhang, R.; Bourassa, M.A. Impact of East Asian Winter and Australian Summer Monsoons on the Enhanced Surface Westerlies over the Western Tropical Pacific Ocean Preceding the El Niño Onset 2014 Journal of Climate details  doi Search Google Scholar
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