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WOCE-Met Data Center Mission Statement

The DAC for surface meteorological data at the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, on the campus of Florida State University collected, checked, archived, and continues to distribute all surface meteorological data from international WOCE vessels as well as surface meteorological data from WOCE-sponsored experiments. This includes data from nearly-continuous recording systems, ship bridge observations, and all other practically obtainable surface meteorological data from these sources.

Data quality evaluation procedures were developed and utilized to produce the value-added data sets. At closing, 82% of the 538 known WOCE lines have been fully processed through our 2-level quality control system, and are publically available in this web site. The WOCE project has concluded and no additional WOCE data will be processed.

Associated with the DAC at Florida State University is the WOCE SAC for surface fluxes. The SAC produced and analyzed regularly gridded fields of ocean surface forcing fields (e.g. winds, temperatures, humidity, turbulent fluxes of momentum, moisture, and heat) which are suitable for use by ocean models as well as for intensive diagnostic studies. Some estimate of the uncertainties of these fields have been produced.

Although the WOCE DAC/SAC is officially closed, new funding from NOAA and NSF will allow us to continue our mission. R/V quality control is continuing for a limited number of vessels and we hope to expand this in the future. A new suite of objective FSU flux products is in production/development and will continue to expand over the coming years.