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FORTRAN Codes for True Winds

These files contain a routine which will compute meteorological true winds (direction from which wind is blowing, relative to true north; and speed relative to the fixed earth) when given a set of five arrays of equal length and the zero-line reference (zlr).

"hd" --the direction the bow of the vessel is pointing (heading -- referenced to true north)
"crse" --the course toward which each vessel is moving over the ground
"cspd" --the speed of each vessel over the ground
"wdir" --the wind direction measured by the anemometer (referenced to the zlr on the ship)
"wspd" --the wind speed measured by anemometer

The following files can be downloaded in the tar file f-codes.tar. To view each file individually you may click on the filename in the table.




Routine that calculates true winds


Tests "truewind.f". To run, see below.


Results of test procedure. Output should resemble this file.

To run the test program for 'truewind.f', first compile "test.f" by typing:
                                           f77 -o test test.f truewind.f

Then to run "test" simply type:

Any questions regarding the any of the above information should be sent to:

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