QuikSCAT Cal/Val Collocated Data Sets

At the recent QuikSCAT pre-launch meeting in Kona the participants decided that a list of cal/val data sets should be provided by/for the team. Data sets with collocated winds are given here, and data sets of swath observations and gridded fields are listed elsewhere. We hope to provide some collocated data sets for study, at least 1.5 months before the post-launch cal/val meeting. Idealy, this site will continue to be updated throughout the life of the satellite.

Information on Anticipated Data Sets

The data that will (tentatively) be provided are described. Basic essentials are the times and regions of coverage, and the expected delivery date or delay in delivery. Below are links to descriptions of the anticipated data sets. A link to the data set will be added when the data are available.

Type Anticipated Data Sets Available Data Sets
Collocation Criteria
Spatial Temporal
In-situ Research Vessels 7 sets 50 km 20 min Results
Volunteer Observing Ships (VOS; operational subset) None 100 km 90 min Results
Moored Buoys European None     Results
Japanese buoy data      Results
NDBC buoy data     Results
TAO Buoy data 25 km 30 min Results
Goddard Operational Subset None 100 km 90 min Results
Drifting Buoys Buoy Data
(not collocations)
Remotely Sensed ERS-2 Scatterometer  IFREMER/ 
link to updated period 50 km 30 min Results
Goddard None Interpolated 90 min Results
ERS-2 Altimeter link to updated period 25 km 1 hr Results
TOPEX/POSEIDON None 25 km 1 hr Results
link to updated period 25 km 1 hr Results
Goddard None Interpolated 90 min Results
Model Analyses GEOS None Interpolated Interpolated Results
SSM/I KNMI None 1 degree 12 hours Results
Goddard None Interpolated Interpolated Results

Please send updates and comments to QSCAT-sfc-truth@coaps.fsu.edu.

Detailed Information on Collocated Data Sets

Documentation on data structures (e.g., layout of data, units, scaling factors) and meta-data (e.g., anemometer heights, buoy locations, averaging periods and techniques) will be developed by the providers of the collocated data sets. We ask that providers of collocation data sets provide equivalent neutral wind speeds (in addition to wind speeds) height adjusted to a reference height of 10 m. If and when available, links to content and format will be added.

Ease of Access

Please keep in mind the need for read routines to extract data that are not stored in ASCII: otherwise there are likely to be cal/val team members that will not be able to read data in a timely fashion.

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Last Updated 7 January, 2002