The Thalassic Society

and the

Department of Oceanography present the

3rd Oceanography Symposium


This symposium was held the 13th November 2008. It consisted on 2 sessions: talk and poster

Objectives of the Meeting

The main objective of organizing this meeting is to give a chance to the student to be in a conference like environment, present their actual academic work in a more formal way as well as mixing up the different field of Oceanography: chemistry, biology and physical.



Downloadable Program

Talk Schedule

Downloadable talk Schedule

List of Oral Presentation (9)

- Dimova, N.,
Using radon-222 to study groundwater discharge into several Lakes in North and Central Florida

- Easton, E.,
Gene-sequence analysis reveals at least three species hidden in Zausodes arenicoleus

- Gosnell, K.,
A Tale of 2B (or not 2B)

- Gouillon, F.,
Internal wave generation and propagation: analytical and numerical computations

- Misra, S.,
Lithium isotope ratios in Foraminifera - A proxy for geologic evolution of Cenozoic seawater chemistry

- Rahter, B.,
Observations of turbulence in the transition layer

- Santos, I.,
Submarine groundwater discharge into the ocean off Mangueira Lagoon via radon and radium isotopes

- Todd, A.,
Bottom transport of gag larvae on the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico continental shelf

- Wilson, R.,
Organic contaminants track bottlenose dolphin habitat utilization in the Florida Panhandle

List of Poster Presentation (12)
Presentations available for download in ppt are underlined

- Corbett, L.,
Using 14C to investigate methane production and DOC reactivity in Northern peatlands

- Dong, J.,
Current and water masses on the Antarctic slope along I6S (30°E)

- Gihring, T.,
Rates and controls of benthic nitrogen cycling in sublittoral Gulf of Mexico permeable sediments

- Gouillon, F.,
Modeling the M2 and O1 barotropic and baroclinic tides in the Gulf of Mexico using the HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM)

- Griffin, J.,
Characterization of errors in turbulent heat fluxes caused by different heat and moisture roughness length parameterizations

- Kowalczk, A.,
High resolution time series cave ventilation processes and the effects on cave air chemistry and drip waters - speleoclimatology and proxy calibration

- Mwashote, B.,
Development of VoST - Continuity device and its application in the quantification of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD)

- Olsina, O.,
The character of North Atlantic subtropical mode water potential vorticity forcing

- Santos, I.,
Long term 222Rn monitoring in coastal seawater: challenges and environmental significance

- Sommen, C.,
Evaluation of two global HYCOM 1/12° hindcasts in the Mediterranean sea

- Tazaz, A.,
Biogeochemical processes at Mississippi Canyon 118

- Winterbottom, H.,
A coupled ocean-atmosphere modeling system for tropical cyclone studies


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